Sad newsšŸ˜¢ We are very unlucky this year! | Friesian Horses

Horses are vulnerable. Very vulnerable. It can go wrong from one day to the next. Out of nowhere Myrthe started to walk weird. It's Wobbler. And also very extreme. Unfortunately, this can just happen. And for her there was no treatment. It kept getting worse. She couldn't get up anymore. We had to free her from her misery. we had to put her to sleep...
R.I.P sweet Myrthe!!

Unfortunately, horses can't talk. We'll never know if anything happened to her in the meadow Or that we were just unlucky again.
We continue to see Myrthe in a number of videos. But we miss her already!

What is Wobbler in short:
An equine wobbler is a horse with a damaged spinal cord. This can occur from malformation of the vertebral column, advanced arthritis in the vertebral joints or injury to the vertebrae.

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Geertje fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Alwin 469 x Tjalbert 460, Dam: Reintje fan 'e Goƫngamieden Ster AA) (April 10, 2018)
Gea fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Eise 489 x Tsjalke 397, Dam: Syrra fan 'e Goƫngamieden Ster) (April 28, 2018)
Jildou fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Nane 492 x Bikkel 470, Dam: Sjirkje fan 'e ReuzepƓle Ster) (February 27, 2019)
Lianne fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Menne 496 x Tsjalle 454, Dam: Saly fan 'e Goƫngamieden Kroon AA) (March 16, 2019)
Lina fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Tymen 503 x Maurits 437, Dam: Rinske fan 'e Goƫngamieden Ster) (March 20, 2019)
Jacobien fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Jurre 495 x Tsjalke 397, Dam: Elsje K. Ster) (May 2, 2019)
Klaske fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Epke 474 x Tije 401, Dam: Sanne Aukje Ster) (May 15, 2019)
Mathilde fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Teun 505 x Bikkel 470, Dam: Sjirkje fan 'e ReuzepƓle Ster) (February 22, 2020)
Marije fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Fonger 478 x Tsjalle 454, Dam: Saly fan 'e Goƫngamieden Kroon AA) (March 2, 2020)
Myrthe MD fan 'e Goƫngamieden (Omer 493 x Beart 411, Dam: Richtsje fan Oostenburg Ster) (March 14, 2020)

Made this video: June 14, 2021

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