I Went Beekeeping And Tried Frozen Honey Trend

I seriously cannot believe we actually went beekeeping for this video. I like to get everything from the source, and today, I wanted to try the latest, hottest trend. This frozen honey trend has gone extremely viral in just a short amount of time, with all sorts of warnings from doctors saying NOT to try it. But, naturally, I had to do it. You've all made SO many requests, and I work for YOU. But let me first say this: DO NOT try the frozen honey trend. Or, if you do, just take a small bite, savor the moment, and stop there. I ate too much, and woke up with an extremely upset stomach. As usual, I did it for you. I took one for the team, and I'm not mad about it.

Beekeeping is a unique experience that I'd absolutely love to do again. After all, I now own several beekeeping suits. I want to give a massive thanks to those who made this trip possible. It was such a fun trip, and certainly one of my favorites so far. I tried to make our loving cameraman go without a suit for comedic purposes, but he was being annoying about it. As for the frozen honey, if you DO want to try this trend, simply freeze honey in a water bottle for about two hours, and then squeeze and bite. It's simple, but I mean it when I say it will make your stomach hurt. Don't forget to like and sub!

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