Hitler's Flying Saucers - Fact or Fantasy?

Special thanks to Panzerfux Military Kits for the Miethe Diskus photograph. Please visit their website to view models available to purchase: www.panzerfux.de/e-vendo.php?...

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Credits: Panzerfux; Richard Elzey; US National Archives
Thumbnail painting by Jim Nichols (1990)


  1. Aaron Allen

    Aaron Allen

    14 uur geleden

    They would off Classified it. You seriously think that the Americans would of told everyone that they have anti gravity Tech. Come on Use your head, anything that can be weaponised and is very high tech they will deny its existence for obvious reasons. My grandad worked for MOD and told me about stuff he worked on you wouldn't even believe.

  2. Luca Di Grazia

    Luca Di Grazia

    Dag geleden

    Not "Guiseppe" 😳 but "Giuseppe".

  3. ScrubbyBubbles


    Dag geleden

    The fact that we arent all driving around in Avrocars kinda pisses me off

  4. Paul Daniel

    Paul Daniel

    2 dagen geleden

    I enjoy your videos very much. Excellent content and narration. Subscribed and supporting on Patreon!

  5. richard nineteenfortyone

    richard nineteenfortyone

    3 dagen geleden

    Aerodynamic vehicles are not what we are looking for. What about vril power, anti-gravity, and other advanced technologies?

  6. Gerard Bakker

    Gerard Bakker

    3 dagen geleden

    @3:49 How did they get such amazing flying craft to run on a 'pinch of salt'. They were truly masterful engineers. Ohh the humanity at @5:52 that red army soldier bashed his head on the train bumper; much must be risked in war.

  7. bigglesOz


    4 dagen geleden

    Operation Highjump (1945/6?) in the Antarctic attests to a force that could repulse a large flotilla of naval ships and troop carriers.

  8. Jerrod ButaIi

    Jerrod ButaIi

    4 dagen geleden

    The SS were actually aliens trying to take over earth.

  9. Paul the Roman

    Paul the Roman

    4 dagen geleden

    An interesting omission from this, otherwise, fine report was the work that was commissioned or more likely coerced from Victor Schaumberger. The Austrian hydraulics expert whose concepts and designs caught the attention of some of the German engineers who saw the potential in his radical approach to fluid dynamics and propulsion. Although, it was rumored that the peace-loving man tried to slow-walk his efforts to deprive the Germans of any advantages that could be realized from his work, a working prototype "vortex" motor was built and had the ability to provide lift to a sizeable craft. Saucer-shaped or otherwise. As far as the Canadian Avrocar, there is a high probability that this project was an intentional red-herring intended to divert attention from other projects that were being carried out by the Air Force. T. Thomas Townsend had been building flying disc models in his private laboratory in Zanesville, Ohio as early as the 1930's. His models employed a di-electric, high voltage system that seemingly could reduce the inertial mass of a vehicle thus permitting conventional propulsion systems the ability to lift off and land vertically. The B-2 stealth bomber reportedly uses a variation of this effect in its design.

  10. Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    5 dagen geleden

    Go Canada 🇨🇦👍 Was this an inspiration for hover crafts?

  11. jamie turnage

    jamie turnage

    5 dagen geleden

    all the teck america has now. is based off the nazie space programs airplains all of it. thru nazie blue prints .and the scientist that came here after the war. the stealth bomber is a nazie design back in 1944 .america teck is old nazie teck.all of it. rockets all of it.

  12. Bernd1313


    5 dagen geleden

    4:44 Lol - This is from 1956

  13. JL B

    JL B

    5 dagen geleden

    Well we just had a UAP report so it is not entirely of.

  14. ZuzaLi


    5 dagen geleden

    I am so happy when I meet people who have come to the same conclusions that flying saucers are 100% top secret military technology that originated with Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger! ...Not only Nikola Tesla, but several other scientists and inventors have successfully built FLYING DISCS from 1910 to the present day...namely; Viktor Schauberger, Otis T. Carr, Winfried Otto Schumann, Robert Henry Widmer, Henri Coanda, Giuseppe Belluzzo, Joseph Andreas Epp, Rudolph Schreiver, Richard Miethe, Radu Manicatide, Dortmund McClure, Charles Edmund, WH Ashlin, Edgar Pinkar, Juan Baustista Leone , Julio F. Ruiz, John Searl, Alexander Weygers, John C. Fischer, Leonor Zalles, Robert Henry Widmer, Donald Ordway, JCM Frost among others. When it comes to UFOs, it's always important to point out that unidentified flying objects are one thing, spacecraft with aliens inside are another. UFOs exist and receive this name precisely because such objects have not been OFFICIALLY identified, which does not mean that they are from another planet or have 'alien' origin... Think about it: what is the fate of these projects FLYING DISCS almost 100 years old? ...

  15. Pharaoh Ramesses II

    Pharaoh Ramesses II

    6 dagen geleden

    They were as technologically advanced as they were because they were in contact with ET's from the star system of Orion.

  16. ghost


    6 dagen geleden

    Fact, I think the US Military even got a hold of some of my blueprints. Die Glocke is the propulsion system. It can generate a black hold and bend space/time through relativity, or power a vehicle. It generates a gravity well beneath it with an electromagnetic motor, hyperefficient. The Navy Seals are training with them, they are triangle shaped.

  17. Funny Valentine

    Funny Valentine

    6 dagen geleden

    What's next, tanks with legs?

  18. soldragon666


    6 dagen geleden

    They most likely did develop it, successfully, but want keep it a secret from the public and more importantly, from Soviet Union.

  19. TUKTUK


    6 dagen geleden

    the saucer shape aircraft is just not efective to gain lift with our curent tech, maybe in the future if we produce electro magnetic levitation at room temperature. but today airplanes require wings and go straight to gain altitude

  20. Happy Sisters

    Happy Sisters

    6 dagen geleden

    Giant drone

  21. Randal Furry

    Randal Furry

    6 dagen geleden

    He went to his Antarctica base in a sub to finish production of there anti gravity ( actually it's not anti gravity but that's what most relate it to zero point energy more accurate ) vehicle but not to go to the moon you can't do that but all the land in the universe is connected on this plain with water ice or land under you what they call planets is just a reflection of that area you would need the technology of what they call UFOs to get there cause in-between the habitable areas is to inhospitable for man and any conventional vehicles

    • Meg Smith

      Meg Smith

      6 dagen geleden


  22. M M

    M M

    7 dagen geleden

    Aerial battle in 1561 , something carshed apparently and possibly Germans tried reverse engineering

  23. Andreas Plosky

    Andreas Plosky

    7 dagen geleden

    Of course they are real. That's how Germany conquered the US. Everybody knows that.

  24. Anthony Bufort

    Anthony Bufort

    7 dagen geleden

    Nice video, truly. But your logic regarding why claims that the US gov't captured a saucer at Roswell must be bogus is specious. Using AVRO's advancement or lack thereof as a guide to what the US may have captured presumes many things, chief among them that the US was actually able to reverse engineer whatever they captured. It also presumes that any knowledge coming from successful reverse engineering would make it (intentionally or otherwise) past the group of individuals shrouded in secrecy who were tasked with such reverse engineering.

  25. Graggle5


    7 dagen geleden

    They were certainly ahead of everyone those Germans, now the Americans took everything, they are and so on. Whose next for looting America?. Russia or China?.

  26. Björn Larsson

    Björn Larsson

    7 dagen geleden

    If the Germans used rocket assisted launch along a ramp, it (anything) would fly. For a while.

  27. Ricky Ray

    Ricky Ray

    8 dagen geleden

    The Vril Gesselschaft and their Vril Damen had contact with beings channeled the knowledge to create the Vril Kraft and Haunebu saucers. The Allies confiscated some of these Kraft. The Roswell Incident was a crash of a Haunebu III in 1947. DUMBS bases have done extensive work with these Kraft since 1945 tied to Paperclip.

  28. Thomas Timme

    Thomas Timme

    8 dagen geleden

    One Question! Why is USA and Russia a Superpower? Its right German Engieners helped this Superpowers!

  29. chronoss chiron

    chronoss chiron

    8 dagen geleden

    think vtol jets and now think of what could be done wiht circular rather then a jet....

    • chronoss chiron

      chronoss chiron

      8 dagen geleden

      as soon as issues were solved the project funding was pulled and broght back inhouse to continue

  30. Vladimir Pesut

    Vladimir Pesut

    8 dagen geleden

    This video is not true facts

  31. White Island

    White Island

    8 dagen geleden

    Some one Has Anti Gravity Machines...........

  32. WTX Railfan

    WTX Railfan

    9 dagen geleden

    It's rumored that Der Fuhrer once threw a tea cup saucer across the room after biting into a stale crumpet. Does that count? ;-)

  33. Paul Boger

    Paul Boger

    9 dagen geleden

    Iron Sky!! Good doco, well, that's what I think :-)

  34. Peter & Pete

    Peter & Pete

    9 dagen geleden

    more fantasy!! even bob lazarr had proclaimed to have reverse engineered an alien craft over in US! The problem is too many human beings build up a perception of the world based upon their imagination and not on the real events that took place!!

  35. Spiritual Architect

    Spiritual Architect

    9 dagen geleden

    Hermann Oberth - German rocket program: "We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped by people of other worlds." About meeting the Superman, Adolph Hitler told Hermann Rauschning, the Governor of Danzig, “THE NEW MAN IS LIVING AMONGST US NOW! HE IS HERE... I WILL TELL YOU A SECRET. I HAVE SEEN THE NEW MAN. HE IS INTREPID AND CRUEL. I WAS AFRAID OF HIM.” Note that it is ONE man. So let’s look at it from that viewpoint. A saucer crashed near Freiburg in the Black Forrest around 1935. Apparently only ONE occupant survived, (was it a Nordic?) and this crew member was taken in secret to Berlin. How much could ONE alien help the Germans? How much knowledge could he have imparted? How much of the craft remained for them to be able to advance their technology? Was one alien enough for Hitler to feel they could attain a super weapon to win the war? Or were there more aliens involved? Oberth did say “People”, as in plural. And could the Germans really have had the infrastructure to create a flying disc anti-grav propulsion unit at that time? “What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade, I will tell you. THERE WILL BE A CLASS OF OVERLORDS, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants, and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves. And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak... but of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The new man is living amongst us now! He is here. Isn’t that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.” - Adolf Hitler 1939; quoted by Herman Rauschning in ‘Hitler Speaks’ Now there are people who will tell you that everything is fake and there are people who will try and cover up anything they do not want known. So when someone says that something is fake you must understand why they would want it fake if it was real. Hitler is not around to defend his comments. Maybe Hitler said it and maybe he did not. I was not in the room so I do not know for sure. But neither were the people claiming he did not say this or that. And why would someone make that particular statement up? Hitler had an EGO and he would not hold back how great he was. He obviously is not talking about himself. So if Hitler did say it and the OVERLORDS he was talking about were ALIENS then you can understand why the military government wants it covered up. And the easiest way to cover it up is to say it never happened. Wernher Von Braun - German rocket program: "We had help.” No details have come to light from Von Braun about the German disk, but we do have his comments on the Roswell disk. He said the debris was like a chewing gum wrapper; very thin and aluminum colored. He said the disk exterior was not metal but more biological, like skin. He also said the crew was small and frail and had skin like rattlesnakes. So it seems the Germans not only had a disk but they had a crew member too. They tried to replicate it but could not. One can only wonder what happened to the disk and its pilot. Were they bombed to smithereens?

  36. Jay Lopes

    Jay Lopes

    9 dagen geleden

    15:50 is that a actual flag ? If not should be the NASA standard

  37. Mathew Ridgeway

    Mathew Ridgeway

    10 dagen geleden

    Whether or not this happened I don't know because...I don't know. But if you think about it. A disc shaped object...air being sucked through the centre and being forced out the sides the aircraft could mean it could literally go in any direction depending on which side of disc this air was blasted ( obviously it's 360°) and also the air thrust can be used and the same technique to thrust up and down so that aircraft can literally go in any direction it wants horizontal..vertical diagonal.... within a split second with the continuation of air being sucked through and forced out Idk like a plane engine but upside down...any part this would be an extremely high pressure and would have to be extremely controlled but the same could principle be done as the thrust to push the aircraft up and down it's entirely possible when you think about it I'm not an engineer or s scientist. I wouldn't know how to put a cupboard together ive purchased from Ikea...lol...but...it makes total sense and I it can even see humans working on something like this either now if not already and mastered the art of that air being pushed out but it would have to be extremely control in fact I think half the sightings we see is other governments testing stuff and it's soooo advanced and also research how technology is actually many many years ahead and the military uses...first and once the military uses it ...then many decades later then eventually put out for public consumption but they can't release because it's the military it's a secretive...you have to keep some stuff secret to have an advantage over other countries it's known fact...I can't think of his name...as I was researching before...and I was reading about a man was high up in the military had a meeting ...in the meeting he said "whatever you can think of or imagine the military to have made they've already made it"..I've read about this concert and known about this concept for many years the military being ahead of time but I asked you this readers... imagine what technology will be available in 50 years for regular folk... we've already got that now in the military!!!!!..I also believe that there may be the chance of being from somewhere else or another dimension coming through also in objects that they travel in ....I don't really knoe... just putting the idea out there. 😁😁

  38. Charles Taylor

    Charles Taylor

    10 dagen geleden

    You have to have something I can touch and see, for me to believe. Everybody can make a little model, and spin a web. In this day and age....( You know the rest)

  39. James Walter Moore

    James Walter Moore

    10 dagen geleden

    Samford's 1952 speech has new relevance in light of the recent report and 2014 Navy sightings.

  40. Steam Powered Maniac

    Steam Powered Maniac

    10 dagen geleden

    History Channel at 3:00am:

  41. Red Dawn 1

    Red Dawn 1

    10 dagen geleden

    All these designs could explain a lot of sightings in past , flying wings definitly , that’s actually what dude saw in Washington around mt . ranier not saucers . But now adays and for some decades the lack of visible propoulsion is the issue , not the shape . Well that and the actual maneuverability of crafts being seen , lacking any sound . But all could be developed on shoulders of these with some propulsion or physics breakthroughs not made aware to public .

  42. RJ Deering

    RJ Deering

    10 dagen geleden

    Misdirection the saucer craft was not an air vehicle. Look up Nazi Bell, Maria Orsich, Operation High Jump, also read up about UFO in 40's or 50's which crashed in Pennsylvania and perfectly fit description of Nazi "bell". Also "foo fighters".

  43. Zvonimir Vujec

    Zvonimir Vujec

    10 dagen geleden

    skroz da tako je bilo onda bi pojeli planetu uzduz i poprijeko ko od šuba...

  44. markus


    10 dagen geleden

    Hitler sels.Sind sie Waliser?

  45. Dirk Weeber

    Dirk Weeber

    10 dagen geleden

    Beautiful - today - Alien Leaks published the Japanese plans of military industrial complex saucers and how fast they are - how they look etc. On top we have seen the SS construction plans. Mr. FELTON certainly is a good history researcher but he does not have the access to the documents we know are missing in the German National Archive (Bundesarchiv) of that time. To understand German correctness you will not believe how complicated and accurate the filing systems of documents have been even until the end. HANS KAMLER had been in charge of the special weapons program and he simply disappeared being declared dead same as Gestapo Mueller. Germany has lost the war and they knew that a long while - so don't believe they had no plans for everything and distractions for emergency situations. They knew that they had a problem but not knowing that the enigma had been compromised. So everything had been done old fashioned. Many things are missing until today but other things popped up. In my earlier comment I wrote about the Pentagon paper which came out as a garbage paper and nothing important about the UFO/saucer story. I think Ron Watkins aka CodeMonkey former admin of 8 kun with his Alien Leaks has the answers neither Mark Felton nor other researchers incld. myself could never get.

  46. trutacgear


    10 dagen geleden

    FACT ..! Germans has the ET technolagy americans has the bows and arrows haha ...:):)

  47. aleph mage

    aleph mage

    10 dagen geleden

    "the us didn't capture an ALIEN craft....because if they did... why would the Avro car fail" Jesus H Christ....really? this is what you are going with? ... this flimsy conjecture? To HAVE a thing does not mean you UNDERSTAND a thing which means you can not APPLY the thing. Please stop selling us nonsense.

  48. tkm


    11 dagen geleden

    bols anderpreser

  49. Funny game

    Funny game

    11 dagen geleden


  50. True Aspect

    True Aspect

    11 dagen geleden

    The fact that the various governments were attempting to make disk shaped air crafts proves they were aware of UFO activity all the way back in the 30s and 40s

  51. niall


    11 dagen geleden

    Ancient aliens: we're going to pretend we didn't hear that.

  52. Kirby Dinglebear

    Kirby Dinglebear

    11 dagen geleden

    what would be the benefits of a disc shaped aircraft?

  53. Robert Allen

    Robert Allen

    12 dagen geleden

    Fact , we got the rocket scientists and Russia got the flying saucer scientists!!!!

  54. David Sparks

    David Sparks

    12 dagen geleden


  55. Mar Schlosser

    Mar Schlosser

    12 dagen geleden

    Prior to flying disks, UFOs were long, usually cigar shaped or oval. As earth modernizes, so do the designs, which points to them being earth-based.

  56. Chas Stone

    Chas Stone

    12 dagen geleden

    Got to phase it out as a dud in 61, sure much info was acquired for black closet funding. Big ole platform in Germany something was circling out from or in that shape of. Massive electric going to it..actual foo light pictures of something translucent, an the mercury or methods of use for...brings to mention the ball, like one landing here in states, or any thing about a circular crash of ufo prior to WW2..nice info on helicopter 38design and 1st blueprint I've seen of earlier stuff Germany had. Oh..the old guy forgot drones..but it would match the release of info bs just released to us this last month. Great work as always .

  57. john pisciotto

    john pisciotto

    12 dagen geleden

    Well the USAF has been know to hide one project, behind another project, amd under a 3rd. So who knows what else they were building.

  58. Reggie Lavoie

    Reggie Lavoie

    12 dagen geleden

    I think in recent times and how far we are along with tech,they could make a saucer fly useing a computer stabilization program or something.

  59. El Guiñolo

    El Guiñolo

    12 dagen geleden

    Right. Now let's talk about the secret UFO base in Neuschwabland with the entrance to Agartha inside Hollow Earth...

  60. Andrew Welsh

    Andrew Welsh

    12 dagen geleden

    High jump Mmmm

  61. Steve s

    Steve s

    12 dagen geleden

    Still going on. The USA got the scientist, Russia got the secret projects in a hurry transfered to Poland.

  62. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz

    12 dagen geleden

    if you want something kept secret, tell everyone.....

  63. Johan Jönsson

    Johan Jönsson

    12 dagen geleden

    I'm a history teacher but accidentally read "Hitler's Flying Sausage - Fact or Fantasy?".

  64. jackstraw0000


    12 dagen geleden

    I just found your channel. Good work!

  65. Maximo Moreno

    Maximo Moreno

    12 dagen geleden

    The America took the scientists and some saucers and Russia also got scientists and saucers from Germany

  66. VJ SWORD


    13 dagen geleden

    Despite all we know about "gun shot wounds" people still are led to believe John Kennedy was "shot from the rear", and his brother "shot from the front". Those facts are both "backwards"! To think anyone outside the inner sanctions of an "unelected group of people" who " create what we THINK", should NEVER believe this guy, or anyone else, including those "elected", actually "knows the truth" is a sick parody of reality. Otherwise, former President Trump would NOIT have to hide a hidden "mandate for the TRUTH" in a disaster relief bill.

  67. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker

    13 dagen geleden

    And Germany got the idea of the rocket from American Robert Goddard.

  68. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett

    14 dagen geleden

    Summary: Aliens helped the Nazis

  69. Marlon Alves

    Marlon Alves

    14 dagen geleden

    Na verdade tanto Hiroshima como Nagazaki ,e a base alemã na Antártida,foram bombardeados atômicamente para destruir e impossibilitar a criação da tecnologia ''Ovni''

  70. Raymond Escalera

    Raymond Escalera

    14 dagen geleden

    sounds like a burglary done by the CIA

  71. xheto omni

    xheto omni

    14 dagen geleden

    All these effffin wonder weapons that never won the war . If they built a aircraft carrier they they could have done something. Yeah aircraft carrier! The boat that carries planes. Then they could carry jets that they had. Dumb!

  72. The Grand Historian

    The Grand Historian

    14 dagen geleden

    Zarathustras Vimanas

  73. Silver Legionary

    Silver Legionary

    15 dagen geleden

    I respect how Dr Felton did not laugh out loud when talking about nazi UFOs and how hitler could be in Antartica. I was cracking up the whole time.

  74. forgottensailor2006


    15 dagen geleden

    Why did Mark fail to mention the Vril society and Levitation projects of the 1920s and 30s!? This seems a broad point to skip over. Also there were other types such as the Haunebu and Vril projects (especially Project 8 version). Real photographs exist that were taken by accountable and credible people doing test flights of them. Two simultaneous discs spun to create the electro-magnetic fields needed to generate weightless flight. The reason the US couldn't get it (or at least publicly) is because they over complicated it (as they always do). You don't keep adding clay to the statue, you take it all away until the truth is revealed! I wish he would make a follow up. There is much more to this in history than they realize.

  75. Wargames Guru

    Wargames Guru

    15 dagen geleden

    Or did he.............👀

  76. ФСБ РоссйЯ

    ФСБ РоссйЯ

    16 dagen geleden

    ancient astronaut theorist says " yes "

  77. jp s

    jp s

    16 dagen geleden

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the flying wing that was also way ahead of its time and apparently a scary thing to see coming. As with all things of this nature we will never really know the truth. I believe governments of all countries hide so much I conceal so many secrets how many UFO sightings are being releasing right now that they have been telling us for years they don't exist. History is written by the victors and with so many politics involved in World War Two and today that's hard to believe this technology has not produced working models yet.

  78. Jason Gooden

    Jason Gooden

    16 dagen geleden

    Project Silverbug, named after the Silver bugs who gave them the idea

  79. Frank Lehmann

    Frank Lehmann

    16 dagen geleden

    I personally for my own think, all facts are correctly founded and produced. What i only miss: Who used this knowlege after war and for what? When I look back, personaly, it was a time of wellfare, for somebodies of many, many people on earth, but not for all. The Idea was antiracism, democracie, freedom for all people on earth, was the same idea for justice for all people on earth.... What is fact on the way after 75 years? For whom this world is correkt, in justice and fakts for life? Declare it... look at afrika, south and middle amerika, look at little asia, look at asia..... I think justice and life chances for all people on earth are more than 2 different things....

  80. John Hooper

    John Hooper

    16 dagen geleden

    They are still flying..

  81. AA L

    AA L

    17 dagen geleden

    Mark is avery short man...

    • Arch Lich

      Arch Lich

      17 dagen geleden

      Not on the inside.

  82. Emerald S

    Emerald S

    17 dagen geleden

    not nonsense in any language~! or timeline MARK !

  83. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

    17 dagen geleden

    Before the end of WW2, the German saucer technology along with Hitler was moved to Argentina. There's more saucer sighting in S. America than any other country.

  84. Louis Loseau

    Louis Loseau

    17 dagen geleden

    Well if Hitler had flying saucers it evidently didn't help him win the war haha

  85. papawx3


    17 dagen geleden

    Imagine this! Someone finally does a video about what was supposed to be an ultra-secret project. I first heard of this during an interview with British actor Christopher Lee, during the filming of the "Lord of the Rings" movie. Before they discussed the movie, Mr. Lee was asked about his life, a short bio if you like. He said that during the war, he was an interrogator for the British army intelligence, and had interrogated some German scientist that had been working on a top secret project. The interviewer wrongly concluded that he meant the Peenemunde scientist. "No, not those, these were working on something else. It went far beyond that I can say. After several days they were handed off to the Americans and I never saw them after that" Mr. Lee said. When pressed what it was he stated that he was bound by a lifetime oath never to discuss anything in detail of what he saw or heard during his military service, and that was that. Of course this is just my opinion, but I believe the Nazis had worked out the beginnings of anti-gravity flight, but it was too late in the war for them to go any further with it. Strange how just a few years later {around 1947 or so} all of these UFO sightings began in the US. I don't think it is a coincidence.

    • ghost


      6 dagen geleden

      I think a lot of bitterness was left over from the war, and in particular, the U.K. back then was notoriously hard on Nazi scientists. They drove Werner von Braun (who built the v2 and the Saturn V) to craters where his rockets landed, and basically threatned him with the death penalty... then the USA spirited him away to the USA.. Nebraska to be exact. They went on to use him to land on the moon, and I think the U.K. was mad about that too. Queen Elizabeth is German, and its this whole complicated mess that dates back beyond WW1... Anyways I think a lot of the Nazis that made it to the USA were treated pretty fairly and had good lives, Russia also, they just pretty much kept on doing what they were doing... building planes, that is. Aliens come from other countries, Extraterrestrials come from other places.

    • Brian Job

      Brian Job

      11 dagen geleden

      The US may have gotten the technology in the TR-3B Astra from the Germans. Overall, IMO, alot of alien technology is not "reverse-engineerable." Btw, it's too bad that Mr. Lee took that secret to the grave.

  86. andy gebb

    andy gebb

    17 dagen geleden

    A nation that is touted as an excellent Germanic nation must be a foolish nation, and it must be a nation that has been beautified and faked and caused disaster. In fact, it is also true. Always remember that no nation has greatness and greatness at all, it can only be fabricated by man. The nation that came out. That must be the eternal shame of the nation.

  87. Paul Astle

    Paul Astle

    17 dagen geleden

    2:29 'Skoda', A ha, so that explains why the project failed. You can't jump start a flying disc down the nearest hill to get it going :-)

    • Lavabear120


      14 dagen geleden

      all jokes aside, I'd much rather go for a Superb than a Passat nowadays

  88. Thomas Harris

    Thomas Harris

    18 dagen geleden

    This was nothing more than a very poor attempt to discredit, profound factual evidences with hearsay, and idiotic conclusions. I personally, have seen and have many constituents who have independently verified these craft you discount in flight. It was done very successfully by the Germans, it is current viable technology, which America uses, which I surmise you were paid to discredit.

  89. Jeff Sheldonartforms

    Jeff Sheldonartforms

    18 dagen geleden


    • MineMaxM


      16 dagen geleden

      Are you ok?

  90. Jeff Sheldonartforms

    Jeff Sheldonartforms

    18 dagen geleden


  91. Steve Davey

    Steve Davey

    18 dagen geleden

    Excellent documentary. Very informative.

  92. Bradly French

    Bradly French

    18 dagen geleden

    I call bs. Disinformation/smear.... especially the blue book mj12 United States press conference. That whole thing was a ruse from start to dissuade and discredit the credibility of real anomalous possible threats. The people in that same committee actually tell of the ignorance of real information and proof purposefully avoided so a certain conclusion that was pre determined would be the only possible outcome. Do some real research highjump/ scores of scientists testimonies and obvious evidence of government coverups and the pains they endured to continue to discredit and cover up multitudes of real undeniable cases.

  93. Drawn2myattention


    18 dagen geleden

    Too bad we can't see the Avro employees' faces in that film--the sheepish grins as that saucer bounced about.

  94. Luke Vader

    Luke Vader

    18 dagen geleden


  95. no1is awake

    no1is awake

    18 dagen geleden

    You all seem tp know all the answers who flew over the whitehouse in battle formation in 52 explain that away this aught to be good!

  96. bob


    19 dagen geleden

    if they would have put a skirt on it .they would have made a hover craft .

  97. Henry Rudolph

    Henry Rudolph

    19 dagen geleden

    I will not be sure of that about Antarctica just because you say so, and of course they made them it has been more top secret than Atomic weapons many whistle blowers have said so and I think this has been going on since the 40's and when they packed up their papers and left their operations in the occupied territory I believe they went to Antarctica. UFO's were seen flying over the white house two weekends in a row in the 50's and I believe that was the Germans in Antarctica. I believe they are still there now co-operating with the world government no one is allowed to fly over the area and it is always hush hush unless they talk about nature or something like that

  98. jessie_fun


    19 dagen geleden

    Now that Pentagon has accepted that the UFOs exist and they have been encountering them for decades, let just say that the Avro car and other so called confidential projects were just there to keep public eyes away from the real stuff.

  99. jeroen van elten

    jeroen van elten

    19 dagen geleden

    I knew an old man who was in a working camp during ww2 and he swore for years that he saw flying saucers being tested at his camp

  100. Francis Esquega

    Francis Esquega

    19 dagen geleden

    What i and my nephews saw was not circular it looked more like a huge train just floating cassually across the sky it sure wasnt going in the direction of the airport i know other people saw it to as i was pointing at it