The World of Serina | Speculative Biology | Part III

What intelligent life will emerge in the final years of an alien moon? Part III of a series on Dylan Bajda’s speculative evolutionary epic ‘Serina.’
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This video is the third part of a series exploring the incredible speculative evolution project of Serina, the world of birds. Serina was created by Dylan Bajda - an exceptional artist and worldbuilder.

When we left off, Serina was home to a single supercontinent at the end of the Pangeacene. Now it is the Ultimocene, the final era of Serina - and one more incredible than any that came before. This period will see the rise of multiple forms of highly intelligent life.

It's a story which will change Serina forever…

The Final Era... 0:00
Early Ultimocene: 250-265 mil yrs 0:58
Middle Ultimocene: 265+ mil 8:02
What Comes After? 14:40

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