Overanalyzing Avatar: The Crossroads of Destiny

Overanalyzing Avatar on the thrilling conclusion to Book 2, The Crossroads of Destiny.

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  1. Overanalyzing Avatar

    Overanalyzing Avatar

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    Welcome to the end of Book 2. Can't believe we're already here. Do me a favor and leave a like and comment, as a send off to this incredible season. Also to help me get more views, but, you know.

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      Qwe Qwer

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      Korra pls

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      Procrastinating cartoons TM

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    • Kano


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      About 6:20 this is more prone to happen in corrupted societies, when the indentification of the people with their govenants is weak and unstable, just look what it's happening in Afghanistan for example, but well, it has some tricks related to leadership and politics for this scene to work.

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      No I'm not leaving a comment Oops

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      are we gonna get another under ana;yzing

  2. Drew C.

    Drew C.

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    This is a great series

  3. corn man

    corn man

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    I love the fact that katara is now a full water bending master and is an actual match against azula, and that azula needs zuko/the dai li agents to step in and save her

  4. #BennyShoots Videos

    #BennyShoots Videos

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    I’ve been watching these videos as I’m editing my photography for the past two-four weeks and I’m finally caught up. Dude you’re goddamn amazing, keep this shit up.

  5. Zachary Renderer

    Zachary Renderer

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    So couple questions does anyone know if that scene in the intro when aang hits the statue while riding the air scooter? I don't recall ever seeing it in the series. Also when you finish this series will you do this for legend of Korra? Loving the content making me love my favorite show even more

  6. Airrage88


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    Think of the Dai Li as the Roman Praetorian Guard. They're just corrupt sacks of shit who will offer their kingdom/empire to the highest bidder.

  7. Peyton Stever

    Peyton Stever

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    I'm pretty sure the rock often gets compacted or uncompacted as part of earthbending. So the excess earth that Aang is bending just ends up as part of the surrounding rock. The opposite occured when a rock or something comes out of the ground and it looks like nothing has changed on the ground. It's not perfectly realistic, but this is essentially earth magic we are talking about.

  8. Bob Burnquest

    Bob Burnquest

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    Once you start doing LOK I’m unsubbing

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    Rankine Raccon

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    Make a video about every time someine says fire bender.

  10. Neil Gupta

    Neil Gupta

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    9:53 Didn't he use it on his hand and lower arm in The Drill?

  11. Muka Konkola

    Muka Konkola

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    straight face till... Aku!

  12. Michael Raith

    Michael Raith

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    Well that's all good and stuff... but what about the full moon?

  13. Ankit Mohan

    Ankit Mohan

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  14. derpeth, I say!

    derpeth, I say!

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    9:07 Katara did a similar thing to Pakku (kinda)

  15. The History of How We Play

    The History of How We Play

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    I think as it comes to killing Aang, different people are on different levels of information. I don't think everybody in the Fire Nation knows Sozin's Comet is coming and that will be their chance to end the war. A rogue avatar is a threat to their ability to win the war, not only as a rallying point for opposition but as a potential chess piece to upset the game by itself. A known threat is better than an unknown threat. Zhao saw this in strategic terms. Azula knows Sozin's Comet is coming, plus is a megalomaniac who believes in her own superiority more strongly than any human being in the universe. To her Aang is a roadblock that needs to be eliminated because it poses a threat now, not later. Whatever she thought might happen once the Fire Nation took Ba Sing Se, she knew the war could be one if there was no intervention by an equally powerful force in terms of raw potential. Symbolism and strategy means nothing to her because fear is her psychological weapon. Now on the matter of the Dai Li turning, the story logic behind this is that the Dai Li respect cunning and power. They are not loyal to the nation, they are covert agents who run things behind it all. They respect those who can project power into the society. Azula has proven more duplicitous than Long Feng and shown to be even more ruthless in her pursuit of absolute control. Now you can argue whether or not this is effectively portrayed through the interactions. I don't think it's fair to say it "doesn't make sense" though. The meta-level is pretty obvious, it's just whether you think the rest of the actions support it. To me, it makes sense. The Dai Li are driven by cult-like figures, not anything else. Their apparatus of power is contingent on strong leadership.

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    Cryotic Stasus

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    I was watching this video yesterday and overnight this channel grew 2k subs

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    Jellyfish Rave

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    Easily one of the best channels on youtube, no contest. These never fail to be great content!

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    MostardAb doidao

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    I'm so glad the channel is growing and getting so many views! I really like your work and this is totally not a disguised algorithm boosting comment

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    I'm just waiting for the beach episode

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    Jakob Darrow

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    Subbed cuz im a breaking bad stan

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    Teun ;

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    You are good at this. Great videos! Waiting for book 3...

  22. Lily Anne

    Lily Anne

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    i love how they end this season on a loss. It really makes the show feel real and more emotional. I love that all the characters have so much depth, and that there isn't just good and evil. One of my all time favorite shows and I can't wait for more episodes.

  23. Jon Lindsay

    Jon Lindsay

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    A comment for more views

  24. Ennis Broyles

    Ennis Broyles

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    Again thank you for these videos. This helps me relive my childhood 😄

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  26. Ella Pasech

    Ella Pasech

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    Anyone else have no clue that the guy Azula was talking to during her monologue to the di-lee was the one who Iroh kidnapped because I absolutely did not until now

  27. Scythe


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    The reason I believe Zuko didn’t go to Aang is because he knew the address was in the upper ring and he couldn’t get there. Also he didn’t go because a few seconds before they got promoted to go to the middle ring and got their own tea shop. Zuko knew that he couldn’t get the avatar and if he tried he and his uncle would get in a lot of trouble. There’s always something blocking Zuko from achieving what he wants.

  28. Russell Houk

    Russell Houk

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    Cant wait for the bloodbending episode where they mention full moons 😳 mans gonna lose his marbles

  29. MoBot


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    I love Azula as a antagonist, but yeah it's a little of a stretch that the Dai Li would side with her. They even went with her to the fire nation capital later, now that's loyalty... wait they weren't loyal to Long Gone. Speaking about Azula/Dai Li in the capital. Her going "mad" gives me the same feels as the above subject. It can fit with perspective I guess, but it seems a massive convenience so someone else can replace her.

  30. Bubim1


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    Just found and binged your channel. Great videos! Do you plan to keep going with Korra after finishing The Last Airbender? I really like it, but I know the episodes are a bit more hit and miss and people are divided over the show.

  31. Shane


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    1:36 pretty sure azula shot at them with lightning. Thats why you see red fire, because iroh was trying to break through it with firebending.

  32. Allan Tan

    Allan Tan

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    bro i wanna be this guys friend

  33. Ben Swan

    Ben Swan

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    The waist high wave kills me every time

  34. LucyRoseLuna


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    what will you do after book 3? will you overanalize legend of korra? (I´d love that pls do it)

  35. Charles Rondeau

    Charles Rondeau

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    I would like to offer a dispute to the coup being poorly thought out, theory. The Dai Li are the only ones with access to uncensored information in the Earth Kingdom, likely beyond that of a army general's knowledge given the whole secret police concept. They know the war is about over and would likely welcome a chance to switch sides. Not only that, but this may be their only chance to capitalize on what in the last two weeks has been a jarring experience (their whole base getting scuttled and the avatar wrecking shop) Secret Police of the non-information era is almost always a cult of personality (a spy master assembles personal spies) As soon as a stronger personality comes along the Dai Li are likely to be troubled, even more so when the new personality has the the potential to inflict the coup de grace for the winning side (They control almost the entire Earth Kingdom!) It seemed to me a very logical progression even when I watched the episode debut back in the day.

  36. Tom Christ

    Tom Christ

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    Aight, so, in my opinion, the reason for Azula winning is for a couple of reasons. 1. She is in the fire nation, the nation that has been winning in this war. 2. She's a lightning bender, she would easily be able to take the others down. I also think the line means that he isn't the banished prince anymore.

  37. Helios whitelight

    Helios whitelight

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    i truly love your videos keep up the epic work!!!

  38. Tom johnston

    Tom johnston

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    This is really good

  39. I Dream In HSV

    I Dream In HSV

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    I really love how these videos are mostly positive while being funny and fair too. I hope this extends into korra. It's so easy to poke holes and be negative but I love how you're so supportive

  40. Jairus Strunk

    Jairus Strunk

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    Dirt is actually like 90% oxygen. If we pretend he Earth and Air bent then he removed the oxygen and compacted the dirt to the sides lol.

  41. Lenny Schley

    Lenny Schley

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    Literally laughed out loud at the Akou line and his voice in the background.

  42. Ipsum quaerere

    Ipsum quaerere

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    Two seasons in and your channel has 10 million well deserved views! Congrats!

  43. NGApigeon


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    Nooooo I’m late Happy birthday anyway

  44. Crew Swaggerlock

    Crew Swaggerlock

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    What are you going to do when there is no more Avatar or TLOK episodes to overanalyze?

  45. DunWhale


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    Love this series, so happy the algorithm just randomly decided to show me your videos

  46. mivix


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    Something that i always found strange in the series is why Azula has blue flames until I watched your series. The blue in her flames is what you might call a perfect combustion where all fuel and oxidizer has reacted. This is perfectly in character for Azula since she is striving for perfection in everything she does. Every other fire bender is using imperfect yellow flames showing imperfect ratios and imbalance that can reflect to their personality.

  47. Sure Did

    Sure Did

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    Can you list the video about Boku no hero academia about then fighting? I'm curious.

  48. my tits

    my tits

    Dag geleden

    1:38 I thought that was Azula shooting them down, not Iroh Also for the Dai Li betraying Long Feng, I think Azula says something about them being corrupt and self-serving. So, it wasn't completely out of the blue. I mean it's very fitting for them.

  49. GoodGuyScratch


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    Just sorta wanna say, for Azulas lighting, the point of entry was through the foot, and the lighting burst out aangs back. I love these videos btw thank you

  50. innoalvin


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    So... By a week ago, I founded this channel and start watching And I didn't realized i watch all of em and catch up to the latest upload... Craving for more is real

  51. subzeroab0


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    Can't wait till book 3.

  52. Bobby James Davis

    Bobby James Davis

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    Korra in a nutshell: wait that's not how that works

  53. Breno Amaral

    Breno Amaral

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    Your videos are amazing, keep it up

  54. Ryan Foss

    Ryan Foss

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    I'm more of a monkey brain myself but lizard brains are cool I guess.

  55. Gumball Watterson

    Gumball Watterson

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    When aang was floating it reminded me of when bald villain guy from legend of korra floated because he let go of his emtional attachements

  56. STARxGaming


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    Finally caught up with the episodes and I’m itching to watch the rest. You boutta have millions of views big dawg

  57. Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

    2 dagen geleden

    I think the Dai Li sided with Azula for the same reason they kept the 100 year war a 'secret'. They were all about keeping order and control. The gig about the war was up. If they fought Azula that means fighting the Fire Nation. That would have to grab the attention of the Earth King-even if he was inept and ignorant. That means a loss of control for many reasons. With all the refugees coming in, everyone in the city is aware of the war, but they aren't allow to speak truth. It's the most obvious, most flagrant lie ever told. Also, it's impossible for the Fire Nation to just leave the city alone for 100 years. Deals were already in place. Secret treaties were already signed. Otherwise, they could have simply attacked the completely unprepared city decades ago. So, the Dai Li didn't turn to Azula and away from Long Feng. They continued to protect their 'perfect' city at all cost. In a way they could be seen as very loyal. Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  58. Brad Smith

    Brad Smith

    2 dagen geleden

    I hate to fine fault with ATLA. It's as close to perfect as you can get. But, the whole concept of comets fueling fire benders makes no sense. Comets are made of ice, some other organic materials, and rock. The tail is formed from the sun heating up the materials and forming a gas tail. It's not fiery at all. In no way does a comet act like an extra sun to fuel fire bending. It would more likely add to the strength of water bending if it had any effect on bending at all.

  59. Rinzler XV

    Rinzler XV

    2 dagen geleden

    9:05 Azula's only "close call" of the battle (where she loses a bit of her HAIR) compares a bit to the first scene we really see her. She executes a lightning move and her instructors say "Almost perfect... One HAIR out of place." And Azula replies "almost isn't good enough."

  60. JediLegolas


    2 dagen geleden

    the music used when Aang gets shot by lightning is so good at delivering the impact of what just happened, it gives me chills.

  61. Elegantly Awkward

    Elegantly Awkward

    2 dagen geleden

    I love you’re content can’t wait to hear what you have to say next. Could you please caption your videos? The auto generated ones are unreliable and I’d really appreciate it as a hard of hearing viewer

  62. LilArrin


    2 dagen geleden

    Aang completely deserved that loss. He recognized that the enemy wouldn't simply let him power up, which is why he even bothered to raise a crystal barrier while he meditated into the Avatar State. He fully recognized that he needed to be in a defensive position until he was ready to unleash his power. But then what does he do? Leave his defensive position while also leaving himself open to attack before he is ready to fight, all for some impressive light show. Since this Avatar State was one in which he was in full control, there was no excuse for leaving the crystal barrier without being prepared to fend off attacks, especially from a certain fire nation prodigy who would most definitely make the first opportunistic move and is the most obvious danger.

  63. ZappoDude


    2 dagen geleden

    6:18 Well, considering their leader recently got a bunch of them -probably- killed by a gang of kids...

    • ZappoDude


      2 dagen geleden

      Although I do think just not bringing Long Feng back after The Earth King episode might have been better in the long run; it makes more sense for Azula to take over the Dai Li if they had been left leaderless.

  64. Pablo Goes

    Pablo Goes

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  65. Tom


    2 dagen geleden

    Something I don't think everyone realizes, I think the reason ang was successfully SHOT in the back during this avatar state, was because this was the first time it was just him. Previously he wasn't entirely conscious or aware, but now the whole point of "letting Katara go", was so he could enter the avatar state while being in control. Which might explain why he let his guard down or wasn't sort of all knowing / aware of the situation as he usually appears to be during the avatar state. This time, it was just him, and he just didn't see it coming.

  66. Leo


    2 dagen geleden

    I personally see the coup working because the Dai Li know about the war and presumably would know about how the fire nation is close to victory. And while they can take out Azula they would know what hell they wold go through when the fire nation eventually won, so during this entire time that Azula was in charge they were weighing their risk on who to follow. If they stayed with Long Feng and they lost the war they would be punished greatly for taking the princess of the fire nation if they won then everything goes back to normal maybe they're given a bit more power. However they have seen what a strong and determined leader Azula can be and if they worked with her to take out the avatar and win the war for the fire nation then they would be in a situation of much more power and safety, it was unlikely that all of them working together would lose so the risk of losing was much lower than winning and winning gave them a much better pay off then going back to business as usual.

  67. ShadowRift0st


    2 dagen geleden

    I'm sorta looking forward for the overanalysis of the puppetmaster

  68. Thejellyman IIA

    Thejellyman IIA

    2 dagen geleden

    Book 2 is my favorite

  69. Jaime Tolley

    Jaime Tolley

    2 dagen geleden

    Ok so I got an ad for vitamin various vitamin supplements at the exact point 9:03 and I was so confused.

  70. Jaime Tolley

    Jaime Tolley

    2 dagen geleden

    Just wait until Aang figures out the waist hight wave air version. He will be just as unstoppable as he is with his staff.

  71. arieldahl


    2 dagen geleden

    the thing about azula is that other than just being a prodigy, her fighting has a definite psychological effect to it. she is such a strong opponent with a significant reputation that her opponents hype themselves up and use the wrong techniques- against their own better judgment and most common techniques. with aang, both here and during 'the drill' he uses earth bending (his weakest element) and does badly. with tsuki, she generally uses passive and reactive techniques, using her opponent's momentum against them. preferring to wait before attacking. against azula, in 'Appa's lost days' she charges forward with a sword- and loses to the same techniques that she normally uses...

  72. TheViewer540


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    Yo why's the earth kingdom hording Tiberium, that shit's dangerous

  73. avatar fan

    avatar fan

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    Soooo underalizaning mext

  74. no sauce

    no sauce

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    Look at the earth king during the scene where aang is treated with the spirit water

  75. sven weiland

    sven weiland

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    Here have a like and a comment

  76. Lu Robs

    Lu Robs

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    Since the new avatar is born as the old one dies, does Raava leave Aang for a new person and then come back to Aang because he was brought back to life? Or is there a time period that has to pass for Raava to leave. And if she did leave right as Aang dies, even if he is revived, why would she go back? She wouldve already moved onto the next avatar because technically the last one died. So did the universe know that Katara was going to bring Aang back or is it all just scripted because no one cares?

    • skippy62able v

      skippy62able v

      2 dagen geleden

      Lol this is why a lot of people think LOK ruined the lore

  77. Appa


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    2:08 bro who tf is that

  78. louka rodrigues

    louka rodrigues

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    Komodo dragon at the end

  79. Elijah Dawson

    Elijah Dawson

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    In the beginning of the video when the lightning hits and there was a bolt of lightning that came very close to my car… idk if that means something

  80. yumi


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    comment to help!

  81. Aliece Bergen

    Aliece Bergen

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    This guy is so good one of the best part of the videos is the patreon shout outs

  82. Abomination 999

    Abomination 999

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    At 4:35 when he does his earthbending notice that he has his arms opened up like he's pressing against the tunnel. It's more likely that he's pushing the earth away from the center like he's opening a door

  83. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    2 dagen geleden

    i have a theory about the Dai-le not attacking Azula. i think it is the same thing that Toph did when she knows someone is not lying, as it can be used to read emotions AND emotional stability, basically knowing when a foe is ready to go absolute HAM on you. the Dai-le felt she was ready to go ham on them and not hold back at ALL, making her an insanely dangerous person to go up against at that moment, which would result in MUCH higher losses than what they did end up doing instead. it makes sense, as the Dai-le is trained to be THE best of earthbenders, so them knowing how to read an opponent like Toph did is not a big surprise if you think about it.

  84. MellowFellow94


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    Let’s just assume that Azula probably made a demonstration and literally murdered a or any Dailhi that was going to not comply?

  85. Louis Zeugin

    Louis Zeugin

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    12:10 Aang : I need... Katara : Aang : I NEED A MEDIC BAG AAAA

  86. Audrey's cloud

    Audrey's cloud

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    1 what will you do when you reach the end of avatar the last air bender, will you go to Korra, of does this all disappear? 2 you're really good at this over analysing and you are entertaining to listen to, thank you8 for this entertaining series

  87. Original Voser

    Original Voser

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    Man I can't wait for you to cover season 3 !

  88. L4ST Lieutenant

    L4ST Lieutenant

    2 dagen geleden

    2:46 - Zuko and Iroh were stuck in the lower ring which we know is very segregated from the middle/upper rings from Joo Dee in "City Walls and Secrets" who says "the [walls] inside, that help maintain order," so they didn't actually have access to the upper ring where the Gaang was staying until Iroh got his tea shop and they got a new apartment inside the Upper Ring in "Lake Laogai". Zuko found the poster showing Appa before they had access to the upper ring and immediately acted on it before they moved (he shows the poster to Iroh in their old apartment while Iroh seems to be packing). He also probably knew that they were being watched because of the Jet incident and decided kidnapping the Avatar in the middle of an earth kingdom police state while Aang is surrounded by his friends wasn't an option and instead went the "steal his bison" route. Then he was going through his "change" in the following episodes when he would've had easy access to Aang which explains why he never tried it.

  89. Brandi Huerta

    Brandi Huerta

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    So you’re just gonna skip over Katara almost wasting the sacred water?!?! Come on. Great video really enjoyed it! Keep it up

  90. chase1146


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    The “I have “fuck you” money tier” is 100 dollars. This fucker is making bank over analyzing these videos

  91. BlooJay


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    Dude we got left on this cliffhanger for what? Two years? It felt like FOREVER at the time.

  92. Wheeze Tease

    Wheeze Tease

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    Ok the Aku part actually got me to start laughing, nice job man

  93. Three D's

    Three D's

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    What do you plan to do next after the final episode?

  94. Zap Gun

    Zap Gun

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    Hey I sketched that image of a Komodo dragon you used to refer to your lizard brain. That's not really anything special since it's one of the first half-decent images you find when you Google it but it's a fun coinkydink.

  95. TheSavageDingo


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    Thank you NLid for showing me your channel. Been on a 3 day binge

  96. NiAlBlack


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    That "hint" to the outcome of the episode is even worse in German. The chapter's title literally translates to "a fatal demise".

  97. Mary Morken

    Mary Morken

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    When you made the aku parallel i internally screamed in realization lmao

  98. pennding 34

    pennding 34

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    I never understood the "don't kill the avatar" method the fire nation took, just kill him and you have another at least 10 years before a new one is even conceivably capable of fighting back but by then the fire nation would have one the following summer and destroyed the world.

  99. Daniel Holmes

    Daniel Holmes

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    “Pakku what did you teach this girl” *She wanted to learn to fight, Pakku taught her how to kill*

  100. Jasper Vink

    Jasper Vink

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    Crazy good finale, really following the Star Wars formula to perfection. This will subvert this in season 3 with the mid season finale. Can't wait for that!