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    dude looks so easy but probably is not to easy

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    great idea incredible what you did my friend

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    of all the videos ive seen with the words "hacks" and/or "tips" in their titles, this is the only video i've felt like was worth watching in the end, in a loooong time. ty good sir

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    Char Man

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    Excellent video sir, bravo 👏

  7. Old Time Farm Boy

    Old Time Farm Boy

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    Using pipes as rollers to move a heavy object. As a mechanic we did something similar to protect the asphalt driveway from the tracks of a large bulldozer using old truck tires to create a heavy rubber pad under the tracks to prevent the large traction ridges from digging into the asphalt and tearing it up.

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    Не все, конечно, но есть заслуживающие внимания.

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    The tip I wanted to see wasn't in the video the one with the rake and the pipe insulation

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    There are a lot of great ideas in this video thank you

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    Never Mind

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    The self leveling garbage can shows how much they did not really know how to pour the stuff they did not work with it regularly not on any real scale

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    Where the one with the rake, i watched twice fast forwarding it?!?!



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    Без перевода на такой скорости это специально чтобы никто и ничего не понял ? Не годится !!!!

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    Click bait didn't see hack in preview picture

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    never showed the rake tip what is it used for? picking up those sand spurs?

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    Пездец идеи на уровни умственно отсталого....

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    5:29 The footpath 😂😂 elephant 🐘 droppings.

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    These are the dumbest "handy tips" I've ever seen

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    Just some seeds sprinkled on top

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    Muchas gracias felicidades bendiciones por compartir buenos consejos

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    So what did one use the padded rake to?

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    Where's the rake hack? I actually own those items in the thumbnail!

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    The many guide chronologically undress because microwave biologically park mid a succinct use. silent, earthy enemy

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    Alessio Witte

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    1:21 on almost every measuring tape has printed the size of the housing so that you just have to add it to the value you can read on the tape

    • Sunnbuzz


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      What country are you in ? I'm looking at 2 and see nothing !! Also the card trick is way more accurate for finishing work

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    Pueden alzar en una mejor calidad los vídeos?

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    Creative and ingenious.

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    Jajaja un lápiz pequeño me ahorra el cortar y pegar jaja

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    Fixitall Paul

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    Magnetic ground clamp is a fail. Welding environments are full of iron dust. That magnet would be fuzz coated quickly

  34. James Dooley

    James Dooley

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    Great idea about the tape

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    the fine art of sensicality

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    good job

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    All interesting and useful to know, but where was the segment about the rake with the pipe insulation zip tied to it? That’s the reason I watched this video.

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    B Smithsonian

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    Great tips, but let’s be honest, those cobble stones looked a lot more like road apples than cobble stones.

  43. Rakward


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    Tip at 1:25 is silly, tape measure has its own width written on it, for example 5cm, and you add that to the measured distance ...

  44. K B

    K B

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    Some of these are friggen great and some are laughable.

  45. Jolly Cat

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    Are we out here stealing atms? 😆 What kinda metal are ppl moving like that?

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    Thank you to Curtis for sending me here 💕🙏🏼

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    the tape and card is pointless just use the whole tape measure casing, it has its length on the side you just add the extra 8cm or whatever it is

  49. Emily P

    Emily P

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    I imagine I’m not the only person who had this thought while watching this video but I found the white text describing how the individual hacks work to be pretty small and hard to read. Not very helpful to have small text in a hack video. Though it might look a bit bigger on a full size screen compared to an iPhone 7 screen, but that’s not my point. There were some pretty neat hacks in the video though, I plan to try them sometime soon 😁

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    I am a journeyman electrician and dabble in woodworking and DIY projects often. Some of these tips should be useful. Very good content and tips. Thank you!

    • Beverly Tate

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      I am a Master Electrician. I agree.

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    very good

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    3.37..careful with this one. I saw a colleague loose the end of his finger doing this as the bar slammed down to ground under the weight of the object crushing the end right off.

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