Le Bistro | Season 3 Episode 6 | Kitchen Nightmares USA (Uncensored)

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NOTE: This version is the UK dubbed version of the USA program meaning some episodes are in a different order than the USA series and may be edited differently.

Gordon visits a husband-and-wife-run bistro in Florida. Stubborn and dictatorial Scottish chef and owner Andy has cooked for celebrated chefs in the past, but now he's lost his passion for cooking.

In the UK this episode is listed as Season 3 Episode 11




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  1. Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored

    Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored

    Jaar geleden

    VOTE HERE: www.strawpoll.me/18565912 42:31 Hope you enjoy these extras! Sorry for the late upload again. I'll try to upload another next week. For those who are in the USA, you need to use a VPN in order to watch this video. There are many free ones out there with some browsers including one. Enjoy the episode!

    • Pärtel Pauk

      Pärtel Pauk

      13 dagen geleden

      This "chef" is SUCH a piece of shit :-( !!!

    • Jonnhy Nobody

      Jonnhy Nobody

      Maand geleden

      In Canada no vpn needed

    • MarCuS


      Maand geleden

      Thanksss a lot for making my childhood better

    • Jessa Mag-aso

      Jessa Mag-aso

      Maand geleden

      I'm from philippines chef Ramsy. I wan't to work in USA. Can you help me😊

    • Kim Yo Jong

      Kim Yo Jong

      2 maanden geleden

      Use Turbo VPN

  2. J Sam

    J Sam

    4 uur geleden

    What a beautiful couple,a nice wife and an asshole❤️

  3. culinaryg


    13 uur geleden

    my comment was already said by loving and supportive wife 39:57 im male but does that mean im a supportive wife?

  4. Tony Carter

    Tony Carter

    22 uur geleden

    He looks a bit like Simon Cowell, and acts like him too.

  5. Lucius Rockwell

    Lucius Rockwell

    23 uur geleden

    you know he beats his wife

  6. Lucius Rockwell

    Lucius Rockwell

    23 uur geleden

    he doesn't want to work for an idiot somewhere else, he wants to be his own idiot

  7. James Upton

    James Upton

    Dag geleden

    Gordon is as much a counsellor as anything else.

  8. thibaud dd

    thibaud dd

    Dag geleden

    It’s a rare episode where there is no problem with the food in the kitchen (like raw pork close to cooked chicken or outdated food things like that)

  9. moabman14


    Dag geleden

    Can’t be the only one who thinks Andy looks kind of like a young Jeremy Clarkson

  10. KOKODA


    Dag geleden

    Ramseys shoulda said 1st up "Screw u guys im going home"

  11. narci borromeo

    narci borromeo

    Dag geleden

    Actually you don't deserve Mr Ramsey help.

  12. Enjoy The Decline.

    Enjoy The Decline.

    2 dagen geleden

    I love this show. At the heart of it, it's about admitting your mistakes, facing your demons, putting your problems behind you, rekindling your passion and moving forward. 80% can't seem to pull that strength out of them, but the 20% that can...it's pure magic. I love Gordon's approach to people. It might seem tough, but he's really trying to bring out the best in people.

  13. Hope Wang

    Hope Wang

    2 dagen geleden

    Andy was so insecure about everything yet he thought he was still better than everybody else and didn't trust anybody. his ego was so hight, that he took everything personally and got hurt and defensive. and when ppl pointed that out he twisted those words to victimise himself in saying that other ppl were saying he's such a bad person and the worst even tho nobody ever said that.

  14. heda gabriel

    heda gabriel

    3 dagen geleden

    id let him crash and burn..he is so sepf centred..a dictator!leave him in the 💩-er!let him drown in his pride.he is abusive to his wife too.now i get it,shes afraid of him.ridiculous.he doesnt deserve to get riches cuz he treats people like 💩!doesnt even care and very disrespectful.How can you tell customers to F themselves when youre nothing without them?!and yes he does treat his wife like an animal. and she allows it [edit] His not a bad guy..hes just an a$$ at times😅..difficult and thick headed.sometimes too much pride makes someone do ridiculous things

  15. heda gabriel

    heda gabriel

    3 dagen geleden

    for the wife to look in ghe camera to say she dont know what the prob is..smh..come off it dear!you know exactly who the prob is;your arrogant,disrespectful,dictator of a husband who is also a narcisist..but you tolerate and encourage his bs.🤦🏽‍♀️wake tf up!dillusional..

  16. Miguel Troutman

    Miguel Troutman

    3 dagen geleden

    the wife is hot !:)

  17. bernardbxl


    3 dagen geleden

    the chef is a "Moi Je" simply a pathologic poison

  18. Just Mayen

    Just Mayen

    3 dagen geleden

    Watching this while eating hospital food. Me be like: So bland, so greasy.

  19. Dominic Paul

    Dominic Paul

    3 dagen geleden

    His wife should leave him! He doesn’t deserve her support!

  20. Richard John

    Richard John

    4 dagen geleden

    Andy is a bit of a fooka at points.But you know Gordon loved him.Great.

  21. Bianca


    4 dagen geleden

    He hated idiots, but is one! 👀

  22. africanstardust


    4 dagen geleden

    This place is still going strong as of mid 2021! I love seeing these places actually succeed. Well done to the chef :) They even have 4 stars average on Yelp.

  23. The McManus

    The McManus

    4 dagen geleden

    Andys such a moody arrogant prick.

  24. Foxx-123


    7 dagen geleden

    these kind of shitty chefs like andy make me angry

  25. Foxx-123


    7 dagen geleden

    gordon is my favorite chef

  26. mrtwister419


    7 dagen geleden

    Why would you ask for Gordon to come provide feedback...and then just fuck him off... Like your business isn’t working for a reason

  27. Kit Kennedy

    Kit Kennedy

    7 dagen geleden

    customer wanted med rare......customer can go fuck himself

  28. Leo Charles

    Leo Charles

    8 dagen geleden

    5:31 WHAT...? WTF do you think the cameras ALL over your restaurant are for? C'mon stop it, dummy lol

  29. Rayaan J Ladha

    Rayaan J Ladha

    8 dagen geleden

    Has he never watched an episode???

  30. Shankar Deodat

    Shankar Deodat

    10 dagen geleden

    How did she marry him😐🤣

  31. NeroKoso


    10 dagen geleden

    Customers sending food back "I dont know what the problem is, but it's not the food"... okay? Then why customers sending it back then..?

  32. Yumeko Jabami

    Yumeko Jabami

    10 dagen geleden

    U know shit gets real when the whole camera crew has to leave

  33. Saravanan Bala

    Saravanan Bala

    10 dagen geleden

    Ye Fuk g Ramsay u rude prick

  34. Pijamo Ngullie

    Pijamo Ngullie

    10 dagen geleden

    "Talk to me... *shakes head*.... CHEF

  35. Pijamo Ngullie

    Pijamo Ngullie

    10 dagen geleden

    Honestly I don't think Andy is a bad chef. He is just really distracted shoving a stick up his own arse. Thank God Gordon pulled it out.

  36. Pijamo Ngullie

    Pijamo Ngullie

    10 dagen geleden

    2 brit walked into a bar... "...Fuck u you're wrong"

  37. Malik


    10 dagen geleden

    Roy Keane the cook.

  38. Jacob Muteti

    Jacob Muteti

    12 dagen geleden

    Andy's eyes got wide opened when Gordon told him not to throw everything he's earned away.

  39. Nislaav


    13 dagen geleden

    Nothing worse for a restaurant than a chef with an ego the size of Jupiter and food shittier than dirt

  40. Pärtel Pauk

    Pärtel Pauk

    13 dagen geleden

    This "chef" is SUCH a piece of shit :-( !!!

  41. 12marcusboy


    14 dagen geleden

    Imagine working for this guy jesus fucking christ...

  42. carona various

    carona various

    14 dagen geleden

    why they have to spoil it and show all the good shit in the beginning!?

  43. richuk69


    14 dagen geleden

    I thought Gordon Ramsay was Scottish?? Yet he claims he's English

  44. mynameisray


    14 dagen geleden

    100% this guy beats his wife..

  45. Rebecca boudreau

    Rebecca boudreau

    15 dagen geleden

    I love how they put him on a boat so he couldn’t escape the customers 🤣

  46. TAN TV

    TAN TV

    15 dagen geleden

    atlis mas malaki sayo



    16 dagen geleden

    what is this beautiful woman doing with this block head

  48. A Y

    A Y

    16 dagen geleden

    This guy was up there with Joe Nagy as one of the most unworkable owners ever. But to be fair, Andy actually turned out to be fantastic, and Le Bistro is probably one of the most successful KN restaurants.

  49. ming dang

    ming dang

    16 dagen geleden

    Can you upload more episodes please😁

  50. Natalia Kaniewska

    Natalia Kaniewska

    17 dagen geleden

    After seeing this episode ,I saw that this restaurant is still open. That's shocking .

  51. Jo Blow

    Jo Blow

    17 dagen geleden

    Andy's got some serious mental health issues. He's a ticking time bomb. Hope he got some help. He's also an idiot because he fucks up the food and when a customer tells him to fix it, he says no, he made it that way and that's how it should be. Bro that's not how you should operate. The customer is paying money for a service and you screwed it up, it's up to you to fix it.

  52. Chelskie Darts

    Chelskie Darts

    17 dagen geleden

    Gordon taking him on a boat so he can’t run away when his being slaughtered by his customers 😂 it’s genius haha

  53. Divyansh


    17 dagen geleden

    Leave this guy with me 2 mins I'll set him straight

  54. Javier Quiroga

    Javier Quiroga

    18 dagen geleden

    My god I knew Morrisey was a bastard, but I never imagined it would come to this.

  55. Santtu Moilanen

    Santtu Moilanen

    18 dagen geleden

    15:11 i see lots of times in comments how people complain about calling Gordon english instead of scottish... Well here he says it himself.

  56. The Jester

    The Jester

    18 dagen geleden

    Andy needs a fuckin slap! What a grade A bell end 🔔

  57. DJhato


    18 dagen geleden

    design team needs more love

  58. Aaron Gorton

    Aaron Gorton

    18 dagen geleden

    andy idiot gordon shit chef tried his food not all that

  59. John Agnew

    John Agnew

    19 dagen geleden

    15:11 "Both English"? Pretty certain Gordon is Scottish? Never knew Johnstone, Renfrewshire was in England. Plus in that case, he plays for the wrong team in Soccer Aid then.

    • James & his Happy Eats

      James & his Happy Eats

      17 dagen geleden

      British, both the same nationality.

  60. J Luna

    J Luna

    19 dagen geleden

    That woman really loves her husband, she was so happy to seeing him smile. That was awesome. Hope he lowers his stubbornness.

  61. Shack


    19 dagen geleden


  62. Shack


    19 dagen geleden

    Coke head

  63. Shack


    19 dagen geleden

    Wife beater

  64. Sam j

    Sam j

    19 dagen geleden

    The narcissism is real with that guy. But he can cook.

  65. Max Browning

    Max Browning

    20 dagen geleden

    not surprised south Florida is known for Florida hahaha

  66. Mmm.Cajvan


    20 dagen geleden

    Ok but why is Shrek presenting the show? Like u cant tell me he dosent sound exactly like him. Just imagine him telling u to get out of his swamp.

  67. Ilham Yazid

    Ilham Yazid

    20 dagen geleden

    Best episode so far. If we look at it properly. Gordon sees something in him. He can cook. The only thing that is pulling him away is his anger and his ego. He was about to give up his career, probably that’s one of the reason he just blast out. Coming to an end we see how he fought back not only to maintain his restaurant, but also his wife. Yes he is scary and intimidating but he just wanna keep on fighting.

  68. Aldion Gregory

    Aldion Gregory

    21 dag geleden

    Eh............how coincendential it is two find two British chef bickering

  69. mf kvl

    mf kvl

    21 dag geleden

    GR : Talk to me “Chef” Andy : My names “Andy”

  70. Ela Borat

    Ela Borat

    21 dag geleden

    This head chef is like my husband.Yeah didn't end well.

  71. Ela Borat

    Ela Borat

    21 dag geleden

    "I hate idiots" makes me feel he is gonna be biggest one🤦

  72. Edna Castro

    Edna Castro

    22 dagen geleden

    Ohhh.. My god these Man crazy 😬😬

  73. DrugsMakah_07


    22 dagen geleden

    But its true, Gordon was being a clown when he entered

  74. Rebecca Polibio

    Rebecca Polibio

    22 dagen geleden

    i think that waiter is brazilian. him accent sounds like it.

  75. Paul Robinson

    Paul Robinson

    22 dagen geleden

    Anyone else think his wife is on another level and too good to be with the chef

  76. GIBBO4182


    23 dagen geleden

    I can never understand why owners on the brink of bankruptcy argue so much with a successful multi millionaire, like they know best

  77. TM From Denmark

    TM From Denmark

    23 dagen geleden

    They are still open, and doping well 😌

    • Matthew Delaney

      Matthew Delaney

      20 dagen geleden

      Thanks for the update!

  78. Ricky Bachman

    Ricky Bachman

    23 dagen geleden

    The wife is absolutely gorgeous.

  79. Quinn Degrasse

    Quinn Degrasse

    24 dagen geleden

    The fallacious ticket archaeologically shelter because pigeon pathogenetically nest off a smelly argument. efficacious, fretful beer

  80. marshmello girls

    marshmello girls

    24 dagen geleden

    He beats his wife.

  81. joanne smith

    joanne smith

    24 dagen geleden

    great job gordan , us brits have to show the americans how to do it right

  82. Mirian Graafsma

    Mirian Graafsma

    24 dagen geleden

    Funny how people that don't like idiots turn out to be the biggest. What an insecure textbook Narc I feel sorry for his wife.

  83. This account name is completely Unoriginal

    This account name is completely Unoriginal

    24 dagen geleden

    Gordon put Andy on a boat so he couldn’t just walk out on the criticisms hahaha

  84. Screenermap


    25 dagen geleden

    ..........is that Jeremy Klarkson ???

  85. Andy Gibbs

    Andy Gibbs

    25 dagen geleden

    He makin me look bad with the same name as me😕😂

  86. You Premium

    You Premium

    25 dagen geleden

    It’s Florida not Mumbai!!

  87. Darky I

    Darky I

    26 dagen geleden

    Good on ya Andy ya stubborn bugger lol.

  88. Liam Marelic

    Liam Marelic

    26 dagen geleden


  89. Shawn


    26 dagen geleden

    34:29 who's this?

  90. Fredrick Robbins

    Fredrick Robbins

    26 dagen geleden

    Well old Borden can be a ass but its sometime called tough love

  91. Fredrick Robbins

    Fredrick Robbins

    26 dagen geleden

    Well I've saw Gordon call a women a dog was a customer on another program because she didn't like the food

  92. Redwood On The Beat

    Redwood On The Beat

    27 dagen geleden

    Server: yeah they're fresh frozen. Gordon: eye twitches did you say... fresh frozen?

  93. Tushar Ar

    Tushar Ar

    27 dagen geleden

    Fan of this Son of a bitch. Love #GordonRamsay #Master

  94. Tavian Townsend

    Tavian Townsend

    27 dagen geleden

    Let’s have a chat about how your restaurant is failing on my 30 ft boat ;3

  95. Mokarasss1


    28 dagen geleden

    Every show is Cut

  96. Mokarasss1


    28 dagen geleden

    Why do you cut every show ?

  97. Matthew O'Neill

    Matthew O'Neill

    28 dagen geleden

    This guys like a less aggressive Sammy 😂

  98. sxomebody


    29 dagen geleden

    1:43 Mood.

  99. Samuel Romão

    Samuel Romão

    29 dagen geleden

    Imagine being incompetent, being deep In debt cause your food sucks, your restaurant is going bankrupt and out of business, you invite someone over to help you turn your business around but then act all arrogant like you’re the best chef in town and you know better then anyone lol this guy didn’t deserve any help or success. Complete dickhead, treats his staff, customers and wife like shit.

  100. Utkarsh Gaurav

    Utkarsh Gaurav

    29 dagen geleden

    Its more like gordon vs robbbie keane