Toyota Hilux Durability Test #3

For the third Hilux test we took it to Moab Utah for some of the most difficult terrain we could cross. A solid 20 minutes of the hardest driving I could possibly do. Huge thanks to @HeavyDSparks and the Diesel Brothers team for guiding us through! But we do something much more difficult next episode. Go subscribe to his channel for some high quality movies @HeavyDSparks



  1. WhistlinDiesel


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    Hot moms in your area:

    • Luqman X Sadiq

      Luqman X Sadiq

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      Hahaa, this is sick

    • First Class White Trash

      First Class White Trash

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      This video sparked something in me and I hope to make you proud. No homo, but to much shit makes sense to not try. You once something like you're just a farm kid from a small town in Indiana. We're the same age but I'm from Utah. I'll tag you when I do it. If you see it you see it if you don't you don't. And I'm not looking for a handout.

    • M B

      M B

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      Watched Heavy D’s version of this video, and its night and day. So obvious why 1.5m views is a bad day for you - you guys have the best editing

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      Your mom

    • Batfetcher500


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      I was really interested in the hot moms lol

  2. benja novo

    benja novo

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    Alguien que me pueda ayudar con el modelo de la Hilux!

  3. Aramique Krauthamer

    Aramique Krauthamer

    9 uur geleden

    what year and model hilux is this?

  4. James Lee

    James Lee

    10 uur geleden

    Toyota Pickups > whatever you drive



    18 uur geleden

    What a car!



    18 uur geleden

    What year model is that Hilux?

  7. ManOFSteel


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    Damn Toyota!

  8. egdrums 66

    egdrums 66

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    This is amazing i meed this truck

  9. ابو محمد

    ابو محمد

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  10. David


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    I do need some Dawn dish soap.

  11. Rdly Kryk

    Rdly Kryk

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    Credit where it's due

  12. jaseot


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    Cool Read more…

  13. gobee


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    Throws it off a cliff oh no, my radio volume knob fell off, shame.

  14. gobee


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    Funny thing is that this still looks like it's in one piece, and the reality of it, it is. Toyota made a hell of a machine.

  15. Classic Automotive

    Classic Automotive

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  16. Mark James Wolf

    Mark James Wolf

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    I was like is that heavy D ? is heavy D !!

  17. server1


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    Do this with a Tesla -__-

  18. jonathan cable

    jonathan cable

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    I live in showlow pretty ironic

  19. Aaron Chicago

    Aaron Chicago

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    Helix purchases just went up. There probably isn't many

  20. Shigekazu Hayashi

    Shigekazu Hayashi

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    those are instructions and a maintenance book for the car;) comment from Japan!

  21. James Williams

    James Williams

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    What year is this because it says the 3l diesel is from 98 and up

  22. Deesters Vega

    Deesters Vega

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  23. alan larson

    alan larson

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    I think the camera man would break before the truck will that's the most annoying thing him repeating EASY EASY EASY and Codys like MF this is the ultimate tests there is no EASY it's balls out or nothing.And the truck overheating so bad it's sending smoke signals 😂😂😂

  24. Saad Umer

    Saad Umer

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    i really want to see if 2021 hilux can be abused like this...all tests frm beginning....what a vehicle...legendary

  25. Hameed Raza

    Hameed Raza

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    Toyota hilux i am not hurt

  26. Luis Mejia

    Luis Mejia

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    Bro i enamored by this truck

  27. Dankoat


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    ¡Toyota en su máxima expresión!

  28. Chad Henry

    Chad Henry

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    that bonnet reminded me of being inna stripclub watching them chix twerk

  29. Boxing Proff

    Boxing Proff

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    I hope Toyota is paying you for this, because this made me wanna buy a Tacoma.

  30. Zach H

    Zach H

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    Is it wierd that i am religiously searching for an imported hilux rn

  31. garth cresswell

    garth cresswell

    6 dagen geleden

    The thing that killed the truck was rust. Water getting in the square tube frame that led to recalls for major rust repair. Current Tacoma's have a square tube front and a C Channel in the back so the back end can flex more. Also, this truck is a legend why even Marty McFly could not resist its charm; it was way more practical and reliable than the DMC Delorean. Less cool for a time machine though.

  32. Edgar Reyes

    Edgar Reyes

    6 dagen geleden

    You guys need to watch Top Gear from UK they tried to kill a Toyota Hilux and failed

  33. Hog Collins

    Hog Collins

    6 dagen geleden

    Why is the chassis braced ? Should of don’t it with stock chassis

  34. brian poland

    brian poland

    6 dagen geleden

    The axles design is insane, I wish ram or Ford would take that design and run with it on their axles and redesign them completely

  35. Muguna Junior

    Muguna Junior

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    It's lit content

  36. jrbbikerx jrbbikerx

    jrbbikerx jrbbikerx

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    Remove hood for more airflow

  37. Aden_ Vlogz

    Aden_ Vlogz

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    I bet u after this Video the sales and price of that year TOYOTA HILUX WENT UP 200%

  38. 70 Marc

    70 Marc

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    Now I’m pissed I wasted +$1000.00CAD on skid plates for my Tacoma. Unbelievable! Just wish there were more outside shots rather than in the cab shots.

  39. Big Edward Town

    Big Edward Town

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    My 4yr old is crazy about rock crawling he has An Rc rock crawler and has been in my friends when he was 3 cool videos he says ..👍

  40. Cássio Murakami

    Cássio Murakami

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    Looks like me driving in GTA5...

  41. Cássio Murakami

    Cássio Murakami

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    Bro, you're not testing the truck, you're testing the bumpers lol

  42. UnseenSpirit


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    First video I have seen of yours. I don't often like a video but this got one.

  43. UnseenSpirit


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    Are the new hilux just as good?

  44. UnseenSpirit


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    We have the hilux in the UK but I have always wanted a Tacoma

  45. Zeeech Lowcase

    Zeeech Lowcase

    7 dagen geleden

    how to make your toyota hilux cry inside

  46. Luqman X Sadiq

    Luqman X Sadiq

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    Take it to Scotty Kilmer for more diagnosis

  47. Luqman X Sadiq

    Luqman X Sadiq

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    This is too much, when he did it in reverse I was awestruck, Then after watching more I realized, yo not supposed to leave this guy with yo girlfriend

  48. Gilberto torres

    Gilberto torres

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    What engine does it bring?

  49. Gilberto torres

    Gilberto torres

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    Unproccent toyota hilux

  50. bann him

    bann him

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    By now you just want to put the hurting on the fucker driving this truck. Just for the heck of it,seeing if he has the same stamina as that truck.

  51. Mark Carder

    Mark Carder

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    You should pitch a hilux against a landcruiser - battle of the titans!

  52. how not to game

    how not to game

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    I just started watching and my back is already hurting for him

  53. ΛЯIŻΛ


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    11:48 i think mater eat some steroids lmao

  54. MyLifeAsLouis


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    The "van" version is called the Hilux Surf

  55. Nick Battese

    Nick Battese

    9 dagen geleden

    its an ln106 which has a 2.8L engine but the engine is referred to as the 3L and the 3.0L engine is referred to as the 5L

  56. Seth Sacks

    Seth Sacks

    9 dagen geleden long as the AC still works



    9 dagen geleden

    Vendedor: carro de mulher nunca andou na estrada de chao.

  58. 35627819028353729-4984653


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    I hope the newer models are just as tough and durable

  59. tw t

    tw t

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    My 1996 Toyota Tercel (which is somewhat as durable as the Hillux) is proud of her brother..................



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  61. Dr_H Quinzel

    Dr_H Quinzel

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    I'm fuq'n impressed

  62. 45k - Topic♪

    45k - Topic♪

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    I thought they were dude perfect-

  63. Kron's Clips

    Kron's Clips

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    nice moral at the end

  64. Eye Candy Quartz

    Eye Candy Quartz

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    Jeezus these yotas are invincible!

  65. Flynn Thomas

    Flynn Thomas

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    Why do you think all us Aussies use them because you literally cannot kill one of them and yes we do call them utes but still

  66. Raging Snakes

    Raging Snakes

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    Had one for 12 years.

  67. scott michael

    scott michael

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    dude, that side seat driver needs to shut up or ride in another vehicle.....EASY, EASY , EASY !!!!

  68. Leigh Hubble

    Leigh Hubble

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    P.o.v you know when Japan made a good car

  69. Cameron Dean Storey

    Cameron Dean Storey

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  70. Dreaux


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    long time viewer, never been a hater, but your old camera man is missed.

  71. Sub Sonic Rebasses

    Sub Sonic Rebasses

    11 dagen geleden

    guys what was the music used during the last test of the toyota ? at like 15:20

  72. Omal Noah

    Omal Noah

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    How much (ug shs)

  73. MK Ultra

    MK Ultra

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    This vehicle deserves to get the dents removed, a respray and a wax . . . back to sales-floor shine !

  74. MK Ultra

    MK Ultra

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    "Open up the production plant again . . .we've made a mistake" - Toyota Engineer (Japan 2021) "Shut Up !! . .and take my money!!" ....every real outdoors-man worldwide.

  75. jasmine bhattarai

    jasmine bhattarai

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    Me:can't even drive Him: 15:25 vibing

  76. Skip


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    Rust: Hold my beer.....

  77. Ricky


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  78. cloudy


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    When you’re out with a massive suspension rock crawler and a beaten up hilux breezes past you: “IM CALLING HACKS”

  79. Chris Ott

    Chris Ott

    11 dagen geleden

    That people engineered something like that... testament to human capacity to make wonders.

  80. Fril


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    they should try this with a new hilux.

  81. Fril


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    "thats probably why they stopped making them" they didn't. you can buy them pretty much everywhere except the US.



      7 dagen geleden

      Chicken Tax

  82. Larry Brander

    Larry Brander

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    Right to repair and right to destroy!

  83. Woo Wee

    Woo Wee

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    Supercar Blondie stole your content and is posting it as her own on her Snapchat “channel” I’ve got it screen recorded and everything, it was the entire hilux test #4 with the drop

  84. sam


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    anyone know where i can buy the vinyl decal thats on the hilux? cheers

  85. VexterFilms


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    I think I have an idea on the truck my kids are getting

  86. Grumpy Morris

    Grumpy Morris

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    This guy may be crazy, but he sure knows how to have fun! Thanks man!

  87. Jaboc Jacob

    Jaboc Jacob

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    Nothing could kill these trucks… Except for rust..

  88. AllistairTenpenny


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    Supercarblondie stealing your content

  89. Jazzmyn Dufresne

    Jazzmyn Dufresne

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    @whistlindiesel Lmao super car blondie posting this shit on snap without even giving you credit mang. Friggin people..

  90. Randall Welch

    Randall Welch

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    I was on snapchat and I saw WhistlinDiesel's content in the snapchat stories from "supercar blondie" I wasn't sure if you were ok with this but I was just letting you know

  91. Slayerrocker83X1


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    Hey whistlindiesel there's a girl on snapchat that's somewhat popular called supercar blonde and she is literally just commenting over your video with no audio about the helux

    • Slayerrocker83X1


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      It's on snapchat stories

  92. Syed Zeshan Ahmed

    Syed Zeshan Ahmed

    12 dagen geleden

    I own a Hulix, dont know why my eyes are teary while watching this. I remember seeing a Toyota 4x4 in Back to the future first time when Marty says 'check out that 4x4', I knew it then, there was something special about it.

  93. Crack a Big SmileTv

    Crack a Big SmileTv

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    I highly respect what you doing right now much love my brother

  94. Eratic Wei

    Eratic Wei

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    Wtf is this truck I’m watching Jesus :O

  95. Honk Honk

    Honk Honk

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    imagine if they made cars in 2021 with the same design mentality as this car. Bro it would be fucking indestructible at that point.

  96. Honk Honk

    Honk Honk

    13 dagen geleden

    Bruh please Hilux gotta be shipped to the US. Its fucking insane how much were being ripped off.

  97. MustangTown's Muscle Car Time Machine

    MustangTown's Muscle Car Time Machine

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    I can't stop LOL!!!!!! My face hurts

  98. WiseToLies


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    Yo WD, pls throw on some monster truck-like tires onto an old pos Honda Civic and make these truck/Jeep guys cry watching you zip up and down these kinda trails

  99. Matthew Rawls

    Matthew Rawls

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    Makes me proud to own a 4Runner. My family might just have to stick to Yotas for life