Honest Waiter Warns Ramsay of the Terrible Food | Kitchen Nightmares

"Chimichanga? Chimi chuck it in the bin!"
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  1. Anurag Govindan

    Anurag Govindan

    18 uur geleden

    You know what's the worst part? At 4:37 she's literally admitting that all the food they're sending is made especially well for Gordon and that they're using fresher ingredients just for Gordon. It just shows that they don't give a shit about their actual customers.

  2. Dobrin


    22 uur geleden

    I liked how that burrito looked tho

  3. Niñez Kyla Lee

    Niñez Kyla Lee

    Dag geleden

    what season is this

  4. Kluxy_


    Dag geleden

    Ramsey- it’s like W wet newspaper 3 seconds later- it’s so dry

  5. Flames


    Dag geleden

    Why does Mr. Ramsay look like TommyInnIT somewhere around?

  6. J K

    J K

    Dag geleden

    the waiter spitting out the food tells everything

  7. First Second

    First Second

    2 dagen geleden

    Em why is she blaming constantly the cooker SHE IS THE ONE TO BLAME

  8. Nitesh Bhatti

    Nitesh Bhatti

    2 dagen geleden

    That manager is denser than a neutron star

  9. skiiyo


    2 dagen geleden


  10. Nara Nara Carbonara

    Nara Nara Carbonara

    3 dagen geleden

    noone: not even gordon: manager eyes: 👁👄👁

  11. cool beans

    cool beans

    4 dagen geleden

    the waiter passed the vibe check. Hope he's doing well now

  12. Pramit Jana

    Pramit Jana

    4 dagen geleden

    Why not the full episode?

  13. Crepuflee


    4 dagen geleden

    thats why asian people do cooking from felling, what is kichen tools whe you have felling lahhh

  14. Saitama Genos

    Saitama Genos

    5 dagen geleden


  15. Lestat Lunar

    Lestat Lunar

    6 dagen geleden

    A useless manager

  16. Fideli Dixon

    Fideli Dixon

    6 dagen geleden

    Imagine something drenched in water and fat being dry

  17. Gracey


    6 dagen geleden

    That waiter should be a model.

  18. Arnaud Dahan

    Arnaud Dahan

    7 dagen geleden

    Why are you lacking customers? Because the restaurant is empty. 😶

  19. pp itchy

    pp itchy

    7 dagen geleden




    8 dagen geleden

    You use microwave , you ded

  21. Dearth of Doohickey’s

    Dearth of Doohickey’s

    10 dagen geleden

    One of my favourite waiters from this show. He’s that cool dude that’s always nice to you but you decide is to cool for your league so you don’t cultivate the friendship.

  22. Umer The Clumsy Tube

    Umer The Clumsy Tube

    10 dagen geleden

    Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad food (Even though it looks pretty shit to me)

  23. Aroulgnao


    10 dagen geleden


  24. Klee main

    Klee main

    11 dagen geleden

    4:40 lmfao even the waiter doesn't like it

  25. Zille Huma

    Zille Huma

    11 dagen geleden

    2:08 look at the face the owner is making🤣

  26. sans the skeleton

    sans the skeleton

    12 dagen geleden

    "chimichanga? chimichangit in the bin." damn man got no chill

  27. here-have-a-potato


    13 dagen geleden

    That manager has some really REALLY scary eyes

  28. L-Kroko


    13 dagen geleden

    Gordan: What should i stay away from. Also Gordon: THE WAITER SAID WHAT I SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM

  29. リムる


    13 dagen geleden

    Manager in a nutshell: *Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes*



    13 dagen geleden

    Gordon is not a good man He always yells at people and always says good food to gross thats why

  31. Emily Ruby

    Emily Ruby

    14 dagen geleden

    As a mexican-american I was really annoyed because our culture makes delicious food. And the head chef is practically mexican as well, the fact that she doesn't know how they are supposed to taste is an insult to all mexicans😢

  32. Mehreen Riyaz

    Mehreen Riyaz

    15 dagen geleden

    I love when the waitresses are honest

  33. Realt_gaming


    15 dagen geleden

    Gordon: That looks like Soaking wet newspaper Gordon: It's dry. Me: Wait wha-

    • 𝙐𝙣𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙙 ✖

      𝙐𝙣𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙙 ✖

      14 dagen geleden

      Dry as in not seasoned enough lol

  34. Jasmin Wagner

    Jasmin Wagner

    16 dagen geleden

    The Waiter can say he ate from Gordon Ramseys fork :)

  35. sultanabran1


    16 dagen geleden

    why are you so bad at your job? cause i'm not good at it....

  36. alyssa natalea

    alyssa natalea

    16 dagen geleden

    pls i love the waiters, their so innocent and always agreeing with gordon

  37. Yehey


    17 dagen geleden

    Manager: We lack customers Gordon: Why? Manager: Idk Me: 1. You're restaurant is on a bad place 2. You're foods sucks as hell and 3. Your workers acting like shit

  38. Irish Claire Miranda

    Irish Claire Miranda

    17 dagen geleden

    "you didn't get it from here?"

  39. Lea Palladino

    Lea Palladino

    17 dagen geleden

    master chef american dont' know cooking italian garlic not put in carbonara... carbonara italy is red eggs pecorino or parmigiano salt and black pepper and mix not garlic you are👎

  40. HollyApple777


    18 dagen geleden

    0.20 - What should I stay away from? 0.40 - That's scary, Within five minutes of being in the restaurant you are *told* what to stay away from by the head waiter. Well, if you don't want scary, don't ask. He didn't run up to you waving his arms, shouting DON'T

  41. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    18 dagen geleden

    Gordon:how are u Him: IM "AMAZING"

  42. ayana Nair

    ayana Nair

    19 dagen geleden

    The waiter spits the food into the garbage gee looks like that would taste horid

  43. Monarch


    19 dagen geleden

    That tamale is an insult to Mexican culture as a whole

  44. Abd Natour

    Abd Natour

    20 dagen geleden

    what episode is it ??

  45. Jay


    20 dagen geleden

    Not only is the manager clueless, she actually looks lost whenever the camera is on her. Just staring into the void like 👁👄👁

  46. twiche


    20 dagen geleden

    yep the waterfall is also water

  47. twiche


    20 dagen geleden

    2:09 sheesh

  48. Sunflower Beauty772

    Sunflower Beauty772

    22 dagen geleden

    Gordon:look at that.. Manager:*smiles thinking he likes it* Gordon:it's disgusting.. Manager:😐

  49. Shilu Jamir

    Shilu Jamir

    22 dagen geleden

    Give the waiter an oscar😂

  50. Patricques Ctarrues

    Patricques Ctarrues

    22 dagen geleden

    Gordon: Why is this wet? Manager:Beacuse It Was Wet Ofcourse!

  51. Logan F

    Logan F

    22 dagen geleden

    You know your food is shit when you he waiter try’s it and he spits it in the bin

  52. Mr. P

    Mr. P

    22 dagen geleden

    When the waiter was tasting the food: oh no

  53. Patek Choroma

    Patek Choroma

    22 dagen geleden

    Chimichanga?, Chimi chuck in the bin!

  54. UWU senpaio

    UWU senpaio

    23 dagen geleden

    no one: nothing : floor manager: 👁️👄👁️

  55. Geoffrey Breasley

    Geoffrey Breasley

    23 dagen geleden


  56. Eren


    23 dagen geleden

    0:43 if that ain't me

  57. inky mation 2.0

    inky mation 2.0

    23 dagen geleden

    Pls don't use God and Jesus name in vain

  58. inky mation 2.0

    inky mation 2.0

    23 dagen geleden

    Great news the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon accept him as your lord and Saviour believe your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died for you you will be saved 🥰 God bless y'all .

  59. Scottish Language

    Scottish Language

    24 dagen geleden

    I feel terrible for the waiter, i hope he is doing better after all this time

  60. no simp

    no simp

    25 dagen geleden

    Jeez idk if its just me but the head chef’s attitude annoys me so much.

  61. Mr.DerpyTOez Senpai

    Mr.DerpyTOez Senpai

    25 dagen geleden

    Microwave and then fry what the hell

  62. Mr. Appiah

    Mr. Appiah

    26 dagen geleden

    To be frank she speaking like that cause she is on tv, she would have said more than she said

  63. jaime ronquillo

    jaime ronquillo

    26 dagen geleden

    My gad the problem is not the customers, it's the food..😅😅

  64. Palash Dutta Roy

    Palash Dutta Roy

    26 dagen geleden

    It's either dry or soggy, the line is very thin for this man !!!

  65. •mxxlight flame•

    •mxxlight flame•

    26 dagen geleden

    i honestly feel bad for the cooks. the woman is being so mean to them. if you are gonna accuse ppl and critisize them, try cooking them on your own for goodness sake! the way shes talking to them pisses me off so bad

  66. Evelyn Valerie

    Evelyn Valerie

    27 dagen geleden

    I feel bad for breda

  67. V_ a l e x

    V_ a l e x

    29 dagen geleden

    waiter: *kneels* Gordon: "I like it, speak"

  68. Zephon


    29 dagen geleden

    Well at least for once, the owner is not blindly blaming the chef, she is actually lazy AND terrible...

  69. Mark Nowel

    Mark Nowel

    29 dagen geleden

    "and now what.." *I FUCKIN DIED*

  70. SUB;his Gy

    SUB;his Gy

    Maand geleden

    For me its not the granny’s recipe fault it’s the chef who made it look bad which is the result being bad such us dry and also the manager

  71. hov is an bot

    hov is an bot

    Maand geleden

    So whats the problem that caused the lack of customers. Manager: we lack of Customers

  72. Christine Acedera

    Christine Acedera

    Maand geleden

    Second hand embarrassment 😦

  73. Joanne Greaves

    Joanne Greaves

    Maand geleden

    Its gorden Ramsay! At least make some effort. Tast this 😤

  74. Zixi Zhan

    Zixi Zhan

    Maand geleden

    Nobody: Ramsay before eating chimichangas: uuuuuu~ chimi chimi chimi chimichanga :D ~ Ramsay after eating chimichangas: chimichangas? More like chimi chuck it in the bin! >:((((

  75. ĎŕŞҏĭķėyҎřọẌ


    Maand geleden

    4:45 Waiter : Did they notice me, spitting the meat out and coughing? Da manager : you didnt pull it from here right? Waiter : ah shit, here we go again.

  76. Jaylynn Genereaux

    Jaylynn Genereaux

    Maand geleden

    Gordon:Bloody Hell Me as a Harry Potter fan: NEW RON WEASLEY

  77. StriKe jk

    StriKe jk

    Maand geleden

    Why is the business failing? Lack of money.

  78. Krishna Kireeti Tata

    Krishna Kireeti Tata

    Maand geleden

    From chef's perspective it looks bad But for me food is food cant waste it

  79. Akshay Chaturvedi

    Akshay Chaturvedi

    Maand geleden

    Both are ridiculous.😂 lack of customers.😂

  80. Aleeya Olga Gonzales

    Aleeya Olga Gonzales

    Maand geleden

    that was hella stupid. "lack of customers." "so why do you lack of customers?" "because we need more customers." Tf dude

  81. Syaka Prawira

    Syaka Prawira

    Maand geleden

    Gordon: Tries food The manager and owner: 👁️👃🏻👁️ 👄

  82. Catlin Kerswell

    Catlin Kerswell

    Maand geleden

    What episode was this?

  83. Tim Schuurmans

    Tim Schuurmans

    Maand geleden

    The headwaiter was a geest Guy really honest too

  84. Sayaan Khan

    Sayaan Khan

    Maand geleden

    I started watching these for fun, now I'm obsessed

  85. SG Trains

    SG Trains

    Maand geleden

    0:46 , what did he say?

  86. Savannha Jemal

    Savannha Jemal

    Maand geleden

    Is your grandma a pro chef? No then stfu

  87. Fruib


    Maand geleden

    Why he look a bit like pkrussl

  88. Russ Cattell

    Russ Cattell

    Maand geleden

    I have watched many of these. I fail to see how they stay open. Here in France, the lowest rung of the French dining experience is "Les Routiers" in other words, truck stop / workmen's cafe's. They serve honest, tasty, fulfilling and reasonably priced fayre. They would go out of business in a week if they served the crap on kitchen nightmares. If you are motoring in France and don't mind breaking bread with tanker drivers, bin men & bricklayers, try it You might thank me for it.

  89. margareth michelina

    margareth michelina

    Maand geleden

    "Why are you lacking customers?" "We need more customers." IQ Level: -100

  90. sour rain

    sour rain

    Maand geleden

    Some place thinking they're the main character in the show lol

  91. LordPickl


    Maand geleden

    2:04 is soaking wet And dry



    Maand geleden

    Gordon Ramsay is me when mom is cooking 😁😁😁😁

  93. LEFL


    Maand geleden

    Los tamales de la doña de la esquina están mejores que esas cosas

  94. Blubla lyrics

    Blubla lyrics

    Maand geleden

    The waiter is literally me in real life😂

  95. TheJimprez


    Maand geleden

    That perla is a HOME cook. Maybe good for family parties. But NOT for a restaurant.

  96. Aleef Bilal

    Aleef Bilal

    Maand geleden

    Gordon isn't mean. He's just honest.

  97. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo

    Maand geleden

    perla:yah owner:he hates it Perla:yah Gordon :you donut Perla:yah

  98. Sarah Kate

    Sarah Kate

    Maand geleden

    Can I please have the name of this episode

    • Cut a Nut

      Cut a Nut

      Maand geleden


  99. tangerine


    Maand geleden

    what season and episode is this?

  100. Raghav Dhoot

    Raghav Dhoot

    Maand geleden

    Episode number