Chef Gordon Ramsay Makes A Cheap Burger For A Fancy Bistro | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Dabl


    7 maanden geleden

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    • Kasper Vestergaard

      Kasper Vestergaard

      23 dagen geleden

      Really? Watermarking property that isnt yours? Wow

    • riK


      25 dagen geleden

      @Kratos American "cuisine" :p

    • Kratos


      Maand geleden

      Plastic cheese

    • Ham W

      Ham W

      Maand geleden

    • itsdon ell

      itsdon ell

      4 maanden geleden

      @Immortal Keiji ,

  2. Sasseville Luc

    Sasseville Luc

    10 minuten geleden

    Did chef Ramsay literally just teach this headass how to make a fookin burger lol?

  3. tony laffer

    tony laffer

    49 minuten geleden

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  4. Dean Miller

    Dean Miller

    Uur geleden

    i truly hope he went out of business!

  5. Lakkis Litan

    Lakkis Litan

    2 uur geleden

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  6. Hadi Abbas

    Hadi Abbas

    2 uur geleden

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  7. Totally YEETED

    Totally YEETED

    3 uur geleden

    Where is the nino ending gone??? I miss hearing his voice

  8. Theloniousman


    5 uur geleden

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  9. Push me Popper

    Push me Popper

    7 uur geleden

    Imagine being Gordon Ramsey n 😳grabbing lettuce or whatever greens with greasy hamburger hands. Yet its a big problem when its not him?????

  10. Nico Joseph

    Nico Joseph

    7 uur geleden

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  11. Quentin Young

    Quentin Young

    9 uur geleden

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    9 uur geleden

    please prefer vegetarian cuisines good for your health and mother nature

  13. Huey Ho

    Huey Ho

    9 uur geleden

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  14. Sclavii Polii

    Sclavii Polii

    9 uur geleden

    This weirdo is talking about money when his disgusting brocolli soup is 45 pounds a plate?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Smiggerk


    9 uur geleden

    Not. The best looking burger it probably tastes better than. It looks r

  16. Van Huynh

    Van Huynh

    10 uur geleden

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  17. jacky mai

    jacky mai

    12 uur geleden

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  18. lilac wang

    lilac wang

    13 uur geleden

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  19. OldSkool


    17 uur geleden

    I tried Gordons way.... but i don't like a burger like that. Cheese and onions is all i want in my burger.

  20. Beulah Taunya

    Beulah Taunya

    17 uur geleden

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  21. doom


    21 uur geleden

    Why do people make such tall burgers? I can't dislocate my jaw like a snake and I don't like doing surgery on my burger. Like the great Italians would encourage : Less is more. You'd be surprised how much better you can cook a simple 1 meat paddy, 1 cheese with sauce burger. Ramsey is a master though, I'll give him that.

  22. WalknBomb Fraydoe

    WalknBomb Fraydoe

    Dag geleden

    Joe is going to be a great business owner , he takes responsibility and positive criticism very well

  23. Rainbow Six Siege

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Dag geleden

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  24. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah

    Dag geleden

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  25. David Jarrah

    David Jarrah

    Dag geleden

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  26. Kyle Little

    Kyle Little

    Dag geleden

    I'm not big on burgers... clearly enjoying the hell outta that burger :P

  27. April Warren

    April Warren

    Dag geleden

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  28. Zizo68


    Dag geleden

    Amy 😭😍😍

  29. Allan Dowd

    Allan Dowd

    Dag geleden

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  30. Dylon Burnett

    Dylon Burnett

    Dag geleden

    A simple burger that I made last night lmao sometimes this show cracks me up. But what can I say ima chef too so not everyone thinks the tasks are that easy

  31. Jodie Summers

    Jodie Summers

    Dag geleden

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  32. pcktlwyr


    Dag geleden

    attention to detail thats what he has

  33. Jake Branthe

    Jake Branthe

    Dag geleden

    "the staff didn't want to sell burgers!" says the owner. so the staff makes the big decisions on that bistro huh.

  34. Reactor XXL

    Reactor XXL

    Dag geleden

    i really hate when people have money but not much brain

  35. yi chen

    yi chen

    Dag geleden

    They r extremely sad 😢 most of the time!!!!

  36. yi chen

    yi chen

    Dag geleden

    Could u deliver my kids two burger 🍔 meals as a courtesy reminder!!!!!!

  37. Doan Tai Duc

    Doan Tai Duc

    Dag geleden

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  38. woijhhgjkuy gfghjkuiyty

    woijhhgjkuy gfghjkuiyty

    Dag geleden

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  39. rolf johansen

    rolf johansen

    Dag geleden

    the boss seems to agree ...not

  40. slipknot2k4


    Dag geleden

    this show cannot make up its mind its on amazon then 3 days later IMDB then a week later amazon then it says show unavailable then 3 weeks later its back on IMDB then a month later back on amazon?

  41. tory carlozzi

    tory carlozzi

    Dag geleden

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  42. Jeff Vader

    Jeff Vader

    Dag geleden

    that burger meat looked very pink, which is what you dont want burger meat to be, any chef should know that...hence why I think Ramsay is full of shit

  43. Charles Henry McGregor

    Charles Henry McGregor

    Dag geleden

    What's the difference between Gordon Ramsay and Nasa? Gordon Ramsay teaches cooks and Nasa cooks teachers.

  44. Karen Griffincjoirscc

    Karen Griffincjoirscc

    Dag geleden

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  45. Yazmin Galan

    Yazmin Galan

    Dag geleden

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  46. Enrique Garcia

    Enrique Garcia

    Dag geleden

    "Can I interject something?" "I'm busy... saving your restaurant. Interject yourself into the kitchen."

  47. Grandpa Can Cook

    Grandpa Can Cook

    Dag geleden

    good on Joe, for accepting different ideas.

  48. N B

    N B

    2 dagen geleden

    I pferer a $5 burger over a $12 burgahh. And a $2 beer over whatever t f wine is.

  49. Haunted Hand

    Haunted Hand

    2 dagen geleden

    You come with me, you cook my burgers

  50. Gemjii


    2 dagen geleden

    Joe is a trash owner

  51. Boomer


    2 dagen geleden

    What you have to love about these types of shows is that the restaurant or bar or whatever was not successful doing things there way, so bring in an expert for no other reason then they think it will give them free publicity and the show will upgrade the business, but yet they refuse to take any constructive advice.

  52. Master Procrastinator

    Master Procrastinator

    2 dagen geleden

    Pretty sad that a Scotsman has to teach Americans how to make a good hamburger.

    • Juden Shekelberger

      Juden Shekelberger

      22 uur geleden

      That dumbass bistro owner is no American. Every true Burgerstani knows how to make burgers.

  53. David Delarosa

    David Delarosa

    2 dagen geleden


  54. Charlie Babe

    Charlie Babe

    2 dagen geleden

    I would pay at most $10 for those burgers

  55. MrDICKHEAD28


    2 dagen geleden


  56. Massey 4business

    Massey 4business

    2 dagen geleden

    Agrees with chef. Yet bitches about being handed back some baby carrots. 😂

  57. Mauricio Arsénio

    Mauricio Arsénio

    2 dagen geleden

    joe is a real one

  58. Chris Bastemeyer

    Chris Bastemeyer

    2 dagen geleden

    A little lettuce to protect the bun and then lets stick a wet pickle on top. 😂 this guy is about the most pretentious clown in the game.

  59. Ad ta tatum temporis

    Ad ta tatum temporis

    2 dagen geleden

    Click here - - - - > 0:59 _He pushed that fake smile so hard he got hemorrhoids_

  60. Alexandra Freeman

    Alexandra Freeman

    2 dagen geleden

    The burgers at 3:40 ish look not cooked at all

  61. Sean O'Reilly

    Sean O'Reilly

    2 dagen geleden

    Im imagine if this guy was just way ahead of his time in the cancel burger movement

  62. The Indian

    The Indian

    2 dagen geleden

    So Benjamin Nethanyahu ran a restaurant too? 😂

  63. Big Richard

    Big Richard

    2 dagen geleden


  64. Thor Casiano

    Thor Casiano

    2 dagen geleden

    the chef actually didn't mess up? wow

  65. Michael Giovinazzi

    Michael Giovinazzi

    2 dagen geleden

    The casual watcher sees Gordon and thinks High End dining. The more involved viewer knows that Gordon loves a good burger.

  66. hnh htyr

    hnh htyr

    2 dagen geleden

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  67. ReallyJust Random

    ReallyJust Random

    3 dagen geleden

    Now here it is 2021 and all that will costs 110 dollars.

  68. Koop


    3 dagen geleden

    Seemed like the owner was trying to ride the wave of elitism, except there aren't enough snobs in the town to keep him afloat.

  69. Marc E

    Marc E

    3 dagen geleden

    American cheese still looks disgusting like plastic even though gordon made it.

  70. Ivo Bo

    Ivo Bo

    3 dagen geleden

    I respect Gordon as a chef, but I honestly hate tall burgers. Make em wider and easier to grab and eat with your hands, dont cut them up. Why is this type of cooking and plating a thing?!!?

  71. Sam


    3 dagen geleden

    You have to give credit to the owner. It takes a real man to feel as proud as he does and still bave the mental fortitude to push it aside

  72. Corrode


    3 dagen geleden

    2:20 you, cook my burgers. 😂

  73. Adam Lazzara

    Adam Lazzara

    3 dagen geleden

    he pretentious af 💀💀💀

  74. Rocktown501


    3 dagen geleden

    Fancy Big Mac spinoff, but I'm sure it's efffin fire tho!

  75. Drew M

    Drew M

    3 dagen geleden

    "The staff don't want to sell a 10$ burger" AKA I don't really like burgers so I'm not going to sell one. Guy admitted at the end he doesn't like burgers... Just say I didn't want to sell a burger, don't throw your staff under the bus like they had a fucking say in what food is being sold at YOUR restaurant... Having an opinion like "I don't think that will sell here" is also different than I won't sell a burger.. the staff isn't really selling shit... if anything they sell the specials, but for the most part people know or will decide on their own what they want to eat. Hearing w.e from a worker doesn't really do anything to sway peoples minds as to how good or bad the food is, respectable workers won't bad mouth the place they work at while they're at work dealing with customers.

    • Mats W

      Mats W

      Dag geleden

      couldve been that the staff just kinda went with gordon at that point but i also just think its really hard for a business owner like that to just stay chill since i think he just feels embarrased cause he knows gordon is right but he doesnt want to look like a fool

    • Not Welcome

      Not Welcome

      2 dagen geleden

      Staff probably lying. I would bet that he said the truth

  76. Carrie Moreno

    Carrie Moreno

    3 dagen geleden

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  77. * ANDROIDAS13*

    * ANDROIDAS13*

    3 dagen geleden

    normally i would do the quick jab to the throat, but for him ... back hand slap to the face

  78. zack Milder

    zack Milder

    3 dagen geleden

    do females eat hamburgers? im told no

  79. Andysparrow


    3 dagen geleden

    minium 100$ that waitress has got to have a end game in mouth for that kind of money

  80. Toin Kroos

    Toin Kroos

    3 dagen geleden

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    3 dagen geleden

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  82. anthony fauci

    anthony fauci

    3 dagen geleden

    anonymous sources cnn/newyork time 9 supreme judges.corruption related to taking bribes from George Soros/big tech and democratic party about steal election the past 2020.

  83. ExclusiveLM


    3 dagen geleden

    When a restaurant owner needs a person to come from another continent to tell him that he should sell burgers that everybody loves and to tell him that bragging about being an expensive restaurant is not a good idea, you know the restaurant is in deep trouble.

  84. ghostface320


    4 dagen geleden

    He's not big on burgers So, the whole world must share his tastes... This guys in the wrong business, much like everyone else on this show.

  85. kendallwi


    4 dagen geleden

    We want plates.

  86. Mr. Irrelevant

    Mr. Irrelevant

    4 dagen geleden

    I never understood why everyone adds a title like 'Bistro' to their restaurants. Like do they think that we'd be fooled into thinking it's some exotic French cuisine. 🙄

  87. Facundo Burdisso

    Facundo Burdisso

    4 dagen geleden

    lol he said 89 dollars as it was nothing

  88. priya aggarwal

    priya aggarwal

    4 dagen geleden

  89. Marcello Hipolito

    Marcello Hipolito

    4 dagen geleden

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  90. Yankees 123

    Yankees 123

    4 dagen geleden

    Ramsay dog - “Can i interject something” Ramsay- “im busy”

  91. Kollan Nathin

    Kollan Nathin

    4 dagen geleden

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  92. asd


    4 dagen geleden

    Wait what... a UK bistro without a burger????????????????????????????????????? Ramsay has it so easy

  93. Julian Morse

    Julian Morse

    4 dagen geleden

    Anyone else notice Gordon's burger recipe is a Big Mac?

  94. Shawn Massey

    Shawn Massey

    4 dagen geleden

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  95. tayfasha Williams

    tayfasha Williams

    5 dagen geleden

    They lying that burger is raw



    5 dagen geleden

    ramsays makin his foreign liberal fried ears 👍🏼

  97. Stuart Doyle

    Stuart Doyle

    5 dagen geleden

    Anyone know if this restaurant is still running or not? Wouldn’t surprise me if it closed down with that owner running it