Food Theory: The Undercover Mission of Thai Food!

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I love Thai food. It is always at the top of my list when we are choosing where to go eat or take out. Because of that, I've started to notice something. There are a LOT of Thai food places. In fact, they are popping up in more and more places. Don't get me wrong, I love the options and it makes it super easy to find my favorite dishes whenever the cravings hit me. What I want to know though, is why Thai food restaurants seem to be competing with Starbucks for most restaurants in an area. Well Theorists, I think it's time to do some eating - I mean RESEARCH!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. OwO


    Maand geleden

    Well you have to admit it, Thai food looks really appethaising. It kinda makes me hungry.

    • Söhne des Eisernen Kreuzes

      Söhne des Eisernen Kreuzes

      Dag geleden

      @Ralph And Leo how’d you know

    • TheBoring One

      TheBoring One

      3 dagen geleden

      Kao man kai

    • XxUmi The DingoxX

      XxUmi The DingoxX

      8 dagen geleden

      Same, I love pad thai noodles its so yummy and my mom is thai.

    • Mohammad Saleh

      Mohammad Saleh

      13 dagen geleden

      the likes now are 6.9k likes

    • Brandon The Gamer

      Brandon The Gamer

      15 dagen geleden

      OwO more like wOO

  2. André Olsson

    André Olsson

    2 uur geleden

    As someone who is actually Thai this both makes my heart all cozy by all the compliments but all disappointed with all the Thai puns

  3. Lee Hasper

    Lee Hasper

    3 uur geleden

    Hay food thery ida how ded restaurants get thar sins



    9 uur geleden

    wow that's great.

  5. Aaron Walcott

    Aaron Walcott

    11 uur geleden

    It's working *big THAIme* Heavens to Mercatroid!!

  6. TheAdvertisement


    17 uur geleden

    You could say they... Thai'd us up in their web.

  7. Ip Cheng

    Ip Cheng

    23 uur geleden

    Fun fact: many 'thai' puns also work in chinese, as 'Thai' has the same pronouncation as 'tai'(太) in chinese, which means very in chinese, a very common word in chinese.

  8. Jordan Holleman

    Jordan Holleman

    Dag geleden

    I'm saddened that you didn't use Tater Tot Hotdish for mid-west at 1:10

  9. C M

    C M

    Dag geleden

    Do a food theory on the safety of eating raw cookie dough!!

  10. Ronan Schwartz

    Ronan Schwartz

    Dag geleden

    The picture of a glacier at 3:21 is in Patagonia not Alaska 90% sure I think I was there about a year ago and I remember the weird track of sediment

  11. ParkerBench


    Dag geleden

    this feels like a video I would watch in an edpuzzle for my social studies class

  12. Jade Designs

    Jade Designs

    Dag geleden

    Ah yes, the consistent peanuts and inability to tell me about their peanuts in their attempt to murder me with my allergies

  13. The Actor

    The Actor

    2 dagen geleden

    mat pat has turned to the dad side of the force

  14. Gilbert Aldridge

    Gilbert Aldridge

    2 dagen geleden

    I really like thai me up it is delicious



    2 dagen geleden

    Slow clap, MatPat, Slow clap. I guess I’m being blown away by your theory, and the appethaising food...It’s perfect.

  16. Malaysia Food VLOG

    Malaysia Food VLOG

    2 dagen geleden

    The secret to thai foods is actually just a few ingredient.. the sour taste where it came from? only asian know

  17. Kaanthat Chayaphan

    Kaanthat Chayaphan

    2 dagen geleden

    As a thai when he said tom yum soup.. I couldnt bare it

  18. Kaanthat Chayaphan

    Kaanthat Chayaphan

    2 dagen geleden

    Thai person aproves this video

  19. Fabio Gawlitta

    Fabio Gawlitta

    2 dagen geleden

    Gotta love the food where you come from

  20. Surya Mohan

    Surya Mohan

    2 dagen geleden

    yeah the german dude made a video on topic as well

  21. Benjamin Naman

    Benjamin Naman

    2 dagen geleden

    Team theorists: How many Thai puns do you want in this video? Matpat: Yes

  22. melainakissgames


    2 dagen geleden

    Facsinating! I personally eat Thai food 2 to 3 times a week. Some restaurants know me by name.

  23. John See

    John See

    3 dagen geleden

    Thai food is delicious

  24. Apple🍎corn


    3 dagen geleden

    Thai me up lol kinky

  25. Magikarp Kingdom

    Magikarp Kingdom

    3 dagen geleden

    Honestly, I respect the thai government. This feel like a positive way to not only get people interested into your country, but also deliver a positive experience with food. A win win on both fronts in my opinion anyways

  26. Maxwell Lakritz

    Maxwell Lakritz

    3 dagen geleden

    but Americans hate spice. why would we want to order something too hot for us to eat let alone taste?

  27. swng


    3 dagen geleden

    welp thaim to avoid thai food forever

  28. Austin White

    Austin White

    3 dagen geleden

    I really like spicy food.

  29. ThereisnoGodzilla


    3 dagen geleden

    I'm just thankful that these restaurants don't have dress codes because I don't want to wear a suit and Thai just to eat lunch.

  30. Anifco67


    3 dagen geleden

    The worst taste of any food in the world. Everything tastes of soap and metal.

  31. TheBoring One

    TheBoring One

    3 dagen geleden

    Comment in my comment if you are Thai, you're not alone

  32. TheBoring One

    TheBoring One

    3 dagen geleden

    Did you know, theres Thailand and also Thai(Vietnam city)

  33. Tigus Vaton

    Tigus Vaton

    3 dagen geleden

    This would make a fantastic anime 😁

  34. Smithskull999 Shenanigans

    Smithskull999 Shenanigans

    3 dagen geleden

    I’m born in Thai and I eat meat and don’t eat Thai candy

  35. Healthy Wealthy

    Healthy Wealthy

    3 dagen geleden

    I heard in Alaksa they make Pad Thai with huge Alaskan King crabs. Sounds Yummy!

  36. P Han

    P Han

    3 dagen geleden

    we dont even have democracy rn, just shitty dictatorship

  37. Deadpool-iz-cool Alfie allen

    Deadpool-iz-cool Alfie allen

    4 dagen geleden

    He already sounds sick no matter he took a break the next video

  38. Croissant Lord

    Croissant Lord

    4 dagen geleden

    I don’t care if they are trying to brainwash us or something, they have really really really good food

    • Alzhan Void Sansado

      Alzhan Void Sansado

      3 dagen geleden

      Of course you dont, thats the whole point of brainwashing! Lol

  39. Julian Chapman • 69 years ago

    Julian Chapman • 69 years ago

    5 dagen geleden

    I love Thai food! My brother even works at a Thai restaurant

  40. Carson Etheridge

    Carson Etheridge

    5 dagen geleden

    I have never heard of tai until this video their is no tai food places anywhere near my house

  41. Adier Twigg

    Adier Twigg

    5 dagen geleden

    Thanks for reminding me to take my pills this morning, MatPat!

  42. Ryan Rogers

    Ryan Rogers

    5 dagen geleden

    วิดีโอเก่งมากเลย ผมอยากยู่เมืองไทย ไม่ใช่เพราะว่าอาหารไทย แต่ก็ผมชอบวัฒนธรรมไทย

  43. I Punch Food

    I Punch Food

    7 dagen geleden

    Food is amazing

  44. That Trans Guy

    That Trans Guy

    7 dagen geleden

    *Day One of Trying to Get My Theory on a MORTY Episode* I think Among Us Logic (AUL) has deeper lore than what we see. The No Visor Cult. Victims of Novisor that weren't suitable hosts, but able to be corrupted, mush like how it is with GlitchTrap... MatPat, if you like my theory, pls go to one of my videos and post a comment asking about it. I'll tell you in even more detail. btw, i'd say this could go on film theory

  45. Feng Termyos

    Feng Termyos

    7 dagen geleden

    man, it's weird when hearing your country name so many time in an English youtube video. also seeing our "beloved" "priminister" too was a surprised.

  46. GriffinKittyGaming


    7 dagen geleden

    I moved to canada 3 years ago from Italy I saw pizza pizza and thought finally I missed pizza a few weeks later we had pizza pizza at school opened it and almost threw up (eeewwwww so flat and WTF is Pepperoni?)

  47. john bailey

    john bailey

    7 dagen geleden

    4:14 good call on not trying to pronounce his name 🤔

  48. Poisonous Apple

    Poisonous Apple

    7 dagen geleden




    8 dagen geleden

    This is literally how I plan my vacations...."where do they have good food" or food rich cultures

  50. Clara Ferrell

    Clara Ferrell

    8 dagen geleden

    My best friend is Thai. Now I'm worried it's all a plot from the government, lol

  51. JonO387


    8 dagen geleden

    Thai food is nasty.

  52. ElmoTheAssasin


    8 dagen geleden

    Bangkok lol

  53. ElmoTheAssasin


    8 dagen geleden

    I loved watching this as a Thai-Australian

  54. S I O M A I

    S I O M A I

    8 dagen geleden

    Oil? Piped Natural gas? semiconductors? cheap cars? nah food is the real deal here y'all

  55. JustJosh


    8 dagen geleden

    conspiracy theory...

  56. Krillacreat


    9 dagen geleden

    THAIme to watch Food Theory

  57. WolfHope


    9 dagen geleden

    It's okay tailand thats how most people motivate me to do something

  58. lev frank

    lev frank

    9 dagen geleden

    in my home city in Sweden there are so many Thai restaurants in one area it is just known as the Thai block.

  59. mike


    9 dagen geleden

    Idea for new channel: Conspiracy theory

  60. Taiya001


    9 dagen geleden

    Good Thai food is awesome! By far one of my fav international foods. I would not call the dulling of spicy totally changing it, it is like chili, different heat levels but still chili.

  61. Kieran Czyzniejewski

    Kieran Czyzniejewski

    9 dagen geleden

    Why is Hikaru a caricature for Thia? 1:58

  62. Daboifromoutaspace


    9 dagen geleden

    Gotta Thai grandma and i get a whole lot of homemade thai food

  63. Redrex CH

    Redrex CH

    9 dagen geleden

    Hi from thailand matpat!

  64. Illustrations with SSG

    Illustrations with SSG

    10 dagen geleden

    555555 See if anyone gets it

  65. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez

    10 dagen geleden

    Dude! This exact topic handle in the same way was already analyzed by another channel like a year ago.

  66. Maddie McNugget

    Maddie McNugget

    10 dagen geleden

    I remember traveling to (I believe) Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’m Asian. Nobody there looked like me except the people in my tour group. But there was a place called Thai Me Up there. I didn’t eat there but I was genuinely surprised.

  67. R - G - C

    R - G - C

    10 dagen geleden

    My brother's favorite restaurant is unsurprisingly... McDonald's... oh but his second favorite restaurant is a Thai restaurant.

  68. cori hueter

    cori hueter

    10 dagen geleden

    are the vitamins made of air ?

  69. Relaxation Hub

    Relaxation Hub

    10 dagen geleden

    It’s THAIm to end these puns Mat Pat...

    • R - G - C

      R - G - C

      10 dagen geleden

      THAIk you!

  70. ꧁ Akane Draws ꧂

    ꧁ Akane Draws ꧂

    10 dagen geleden

    Thai The Knot’s menu looks really good. Too bad it’s in Oregon lol

  71. Frantic George

    Frantic George

    10 dagen geleden

    Is anyone gonna talk about the place called "Bangkok"?

  72. Ethan Roberts

    Ethan Roberts

    10 dagen geleden

    So did anyone else stop at 1:16 and look and see the hands were on the wrong sides ?😂 first thing I noticed was the thumbs facing each other but they were palm up 😂 sorry I catch little things just thought it was funny 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  73. Maeplayz67


    11 dagen geleden

    I'm literally half thai and making thai food with my mom, now I am literally questioning myseld😂😅

  74. jacky mai

    jacky mai

    11 dagen geleden

    The profuse emery systematically learn because vase opportunely wrestle across a right knowledge. upset, wealthy acknowledgment

  75. pasta the poke weeb

    pasta the poke weeb

    11 dagen geleden

    as a thai person myself i love this

  76. tenebris metuunt latentem - the Nightmare demon

    tenebris metuunt latentem - the Nightmare demon

    11 dagen geleden

    This video is quite enthaicing

  77. Prasad Desale 10 th c roll no 40

    Prasad Desale 10 th c roll no 40

    11 dagen geleden

    It's sad that indian cuisine is so underrated I think Indian cuisine is comparable to Italian and French cuisine it's kind of art

  78. Prasad Desale 10 th c roll no 40

    Prasad Desale 10 th c roll no 40

    11 dagen geleden

    It's sad that indian cuisine is so underrated I think Indian cuisine is comparable to Italian and French cuisine it's kind of art

  79. Joaquín Emiliano Valdes Larios

    Joaquín Emiliano Valdes Larios

    11 dagen geleden

    I am Mexican and american tacos are SO MUCH different than the mexican tacos For example (At will be american tacos and Mt mexican tacos) At:hard shell Mt:soft shell At: beef Mt:well a lot I would like to try american tacos

  80. Madison


    12 dagen geleden

    Yeah but where those my favorite restaurant McDonald's

  81. Liam !84488282

    Liam !84488282

    12 dagen geleden

    I don't think I've ever gotten Thai food before. Vietnamese, Polish, and Nepali food yes but not Thai food.

  82. J F

    J F

    12 dagen geleden

    Just a heads up, Matpat, the k word for the lime is actually the Thai equivalent of the n word here. Wanna make sure you were aware. There are alternative names, including Thai bergamot, which is misleading, as it is a different species from bergamot itself, but isn't racially pejorative, at least. Weird Explorer has a video on it. Look up This Is Not Bergamot.

  83. dodgers doon1130

    dodgers doon1130

    12 dagen geleden

    I've never tried Thai food, maybe I will

  84. SPOOPY Ultima Lime

    SPOOPY Ultima Lime

    12 dagen geleden

    I think im traumatized by the word “bangkok”

  85. Panda panda Panda

    Panda panda Panda

    13 dagen geleden

    That ritual sponsor seemed to good to be true ever see one of those where it has way too many things everyone wants and no downsides so it’s automatically fishy make a episode on that one Matt pat

  86. Froxy Gaming206

    Froxy Gaming206

    13 dagen geleden

    Food theory is Thaitastic

  87. lil jaykay6301

    lil jaykay6301

    13 dagen geleden

    One of the Thais I know is literally called the giggling squid ( I wish I was American)

  88. Green bean

    Green bean

    13 dagen geleden

    Not Going to lie but I’m hungry

  89. Mackstax


    13 dagen geleden

    Isn't this technically a food Fact? Because they've openly admitted their idea?

  90. Bacawaka


    13 dagen geleden

    I love Thai food. Issan sausage, Pad Thai, red curry, mango with sticky rice, pad see ew, khao man gai, Thai ice tea, Thai ice coffee, are some of my favorites.

  91. Thanyawat Chawantunpipat

    Thanyawat Chawantunpipat

    13 dagen geleden

    I have never clicked on a video this fast in my life

  92. THE GG

    THE GG

    13 dagen geleden

    welp i am thai iand i love the thai jokes

  93. Icon of ping

    Icon of ping

    13 dagen geleden

    I will just jynx it and i will say that its msg

  94. Miraya Reid

    Miraya Reid

    13 dagen geleden

    Pleeeaaaaase do bobs burgers!!!

  95. Din Djarin

    Din Djarin

    14 dagen geleden

    Please don’t talk bad about Thai food My mom is Thai Edit:I can’t watch any more

  96. cooked apples

    cooked apples

    14 dagen geleden

    dont think i didnt see that one at 0:28 lol

  97. Kyle


    14 dagen geleden

    Blessed be the thais that bind.

  98. chaosrainX


    14 dagen geleden

    I live in a quite small town and we have like 6 Thai places

  99. Cryptic Corgi

    Cryptic Corgi

    14 dagen geleden

    I am an American and I do not feel manipulated. Because they were open about it and I am all about deplomacy of all kinds. It is awesome that we can make a bond between countries in a way people have for a long time, with food.

  100. Avery and her Peaches

    Avery and her Peaches

    14 dagen geleden

    *closes window* Iykyk