Rubber Band Trampoline

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  1. ชญานันท์ เครือเนตร

    ชญานันท์ เครือเนตร

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    Money wasted

  3. Ryan White

    Ryan White

    2 dagen geleden

    Walmart: Where people go to buy watermelon to destroy. 🍉🔨 Edit: HAMmer.

  4. Paris Paneris

    Paris Paneris

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    Add more

  5. julianna nina Noel

    julianna nina Noel

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  6. Miranda Lazzari

    Miranda Lazzari

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    His 🤣

  7. Yazmin Alonso

    Yazmin Alonso

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    I loved the last part 🤣😂

  8. 2048 expertation

    2048 expertation

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    Make part 2



    7 dagen geleden

    Too easy

  10. Ruth Geracam

    Ruth Geracam

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  11. javier mejia

    javier mejia

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    "This x thing"

  12. G A

    G A

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    Tic tok is stupid

  13. Joey Aristo

    Joey Aristo

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    How is a watermelon heavier than a tire

  14. Rampaige Nicole

    Rampaige Nicole

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  15. Sheeeesh


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    Stop wasting food

  16. Shiu


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    " I tried to surf on it"💀

  17. Jahayra Prado

    Jahayra Prado

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    So cool

  18. Aryamomasunna


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    77 7777777im

  19. Ahmad Golabbakhsh

    Ahmad Golabbakhsh

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  20. c4ypikaop


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    Waste food you are 😡

  21. Matt


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    I’ll never understand why someone would waste their money to buy something they’re just going to destroy lmfao

  22. James Paul Clifford Williams

    James Paul Clifford Williams

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    His fortune 500 father must be really proud

  23. kitty cat 🐱

    kitty cat 🐱

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    Mum, you can't eat all the watermelon.. Me...

  24. Renee Ruiz

    Renee Ruiz

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  25. Albertw Canoon

    Albertw Canoon

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    I think u can try a basket ball

  26. Gerald  Smith

    Gerald Smith

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    Okay you listen a rubber band to make a like a giant trampoline like like dude what are you doing this like you could just do anything about it well you can buy sleep on it full Caillou why and I but I think about that thing with the rubber band ball all the rubber band ball is much bigger than that like them dumb bigger yap10 X beta am I saw that make fun of you teacher ate it but if you want a pizza get pizza in the face

  27. Kamran Dosanjh

    Kamran Dosanjh

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    Is that room just dedicated to throwing things around and having random things in it?

  28. De Matteo

    De Matteo

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    Bt if it explodes Hah u will say aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  29. Japanese Nodachi

    Japanese Nodachi

    15 dagen geleden

    this is the most random yet oddly satisfying vid

  30. Gladiator


    15 dagen geleden

    You should make a full trampoline instead of a single strip

  31. Layla Foster

    Layla Foster

    16 dagen geleden

    They looked like noodles at first 🥲

  32. NathanPlayz🧊


    17 dagen geleden

    This is pretty cool you should wrap the whole trampoline this time

  33. Alex Miranda

    Alex Miranda

    17 dagen geleden

    Rubber bands look like worms don't they look like worms hahaha they look like orange they actually do at the beginning of the video I cannot lie I am not lying they look like worms the rubber bands look like freaking worms they do they do they really really really really do believe me they do look at the video again just to see okay by e I love this

  34. HaileyJay


    17 dagen geleden

    Can you take care of a rainbow to the pawn shop again

  35. Talia Poole

    Talia Poole

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    That’s my sister

  36. Sarventegamer like you😊❤️

    Sarventegamer like you😊❤️

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  37. Lyn White

    Lyn White

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  38. Betty Noir

    Betty Noir

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    Maybe to make it stronger use a lattice pattern 🧐

  39. Tosh&Jovie D

    Tosh&Jovie D

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    Then I just kinda went ham

  40. Behrood Bahrami

    Behrood Bahrami

    19 dagen geleden

    Wtf dude

  41. Mem m

    Mem m

    19 dagen geleden

    😂🥵 what the hell

  42. Larik


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    This was so disappointing and I’m angry beyond belief

  43. P4LxOuterBanks


    20 dagen geleden

    It’s all fun and games untold one of them rubber brands break and pops you lol.

  44. Phantom_VPR


    20 dagen geleden

    You need to weave the rubber bands

  45. Jacintha Pinas

    Jacintha Pinas

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  46. Jordan Fullmer

    Jordan Fullmer

    21 dag geleden

    Delete and start over kid. Shit is stupid

  47. Shania Smith

    Shania Smith

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    Make me a like the rubber bands

  48. AntznnFX


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    If “Hey mom I’m dropping out of college to pursue this new career” was a person

  49. Bruce Bell

    Bruce Bell

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  50. Omarriousml Johnsons Rd suite khp I ogi LNB

    Omarriousml Johnsons Rd suite khp I ogi LNB

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    to get me to the next one I wanna I gotta do wat

  51. Omarriousml Johnsons Rd suite khp I ogi LNB

    Omarriousml Johnsons Rd suite khp I ogi LNB

    23 dagen geleden

    The video is childish

  52. Amir Henderson

    Amir Henderson

    25 dagen geleden

    Do I have your next videos will try to make a rubber band ball a blue car

  53. sturfryd


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    All you needed was rubber bands going across each side and it would’ve worked so much better but no your rich ass was just too lazy to do that. But wait is that a massive 500 pound rubber band ball I see?

  54. JustRandomKids


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    Can you make a rubber band bed 🛌

  55. Wong Wong

    Wong Wong

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  56. petike 1111

    petike 1111

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    RIP Plate

  57. Hawlan YT

    Hawlan YT

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    Can you make it look like an actual trampoline with giant rubber bands like a part 2 but fully plsssss

  58. Corinna Mccarthy

    Corinna Mccarthy

    28 dagen geleden

    You Instagram followers are so stupid they don't know anything

  59. rajat uberoi

    rajat uberoi

    28 dagen geleden

    Hi buddy I just left the video you sent sorry

  60. aaron Burnett

    aaron Burnett

    28 dagen geleden

    I love it when you do this thank you so much 💕 I love you 😍

  61. Ethan Tippett

    Ethan Tippett

    29 dagen geleden

    And I'm a gril

  62. Ethan Tippett

    Ethan Tippett

    29 dagen geleden

    Hay I'm New

  63. Evie Barnes

    Evie Barnes

    Maand geleden

    At first before he said something about the rubber bands I thought they wear noodles on the floor 😂😂😂👹👹👹✨✨✨

  64. lauretta james

    lauretta james

    Maand geleden

    What is this 😳😂😐💀🤣😕😳

  65. Raghu R

    Raghu R

    Maand geleden

    Make a rubber band tent house 🏠

  66. April Blevins

    April Blevins

    Maand geleden

    He said adempt instead of attempt 🤣

  67. Trace Ludwig

    Trace Ludwig

    Maand geleden

    Build a rubber band 2.0

  68. Pooja Singh

    Pooja Singh

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    Copy from MR INDIAN HACKER

  69. corrupted pico gaming

    corrupted pico gaming

    Maand geleden

    Yo stop what the hell man you are so Is annoying

  70. EllasGamingLove


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    RiP rOoTbEeR aNd pLaTe

  71. linh hoàng

    linh hoàng

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  72. Dee Nk

    Dee Nk

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    What i hear : ggjxgfghfggtghh

  73. Trae Zinn

    Trae Zinn

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  74. JoBeanYoBean


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  75. Selma Smile

    Selma Smile

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  76. V12 jayz

    V12 jayz

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    Now this is the type of stuff I would be doing considering I have ADHD

  77. Abaga


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    R.I.P. plate✨

  78. Skyler_Gachagirl


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    Me 1 week into quarantine:

  79. Brooklyn Leonard

    Brooklyn Leonard

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    So a watermelon is heavier than a tire?🤯😳

  80. Abdyel Basilio rangel

    Abdyel Basilio rangel

    Maand geleden

    Nooo watermelon 🍉

  81. Purple Dragon126

    Purple Dragon126

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    You should think about leaving behind more than what you've taken just me but seems like all ur videos are stupid wasteful

  82. Aarav vlogs and gaming

    Aarav vlogs and gaming

    Maand geleden


  83. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    Maand geleden

    When the soda flew up I just laughed and choked lol

  84. Michelle Boscamp

    Michelle Boscamp

    Maand geleden

    The end😂

  85. Joyce Gabolekane

    Joyce Gabolekane

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    Why did you do that 😂😂🥺



    Maand geleden

    Mother say: What the wrong with you guys

  87. Isa Quliyev

    Isa Quliyev

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  88. Michelle Fenwick

    Michelle Fenwick

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  89. Stephanie Dickson

    Stephanie Dickson

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    Bulid a pool

    • Stephanie Dickson

      Stephanie Dickson

      Maand geleden

      Out of rubberbands is it possible

  90. Washma Asif

    Washma Asif

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  91. movies


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    I thinks Thanos was a gd guy

  92. Teresita Frias

    Teresita Frias

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  93. Kp and A

    Kp and A

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    Why dose this feel like it's ok

  94. jj thornton

    jj thornton

    Maand geleden

    Wow maybe I should do that when my trampalene brakes

  95. daniel syahdani

    daniel syahdani

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    Contoh terbaik buat benda bodo xberfaedah....

  96. nyte unikorn yank

    nyte unikorn yank

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    • viiont eooiy

      viiont eooiy

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      This guy is funny because he decided near the end to just yeet the watermelon on the ground lol

  97. Abdu Rrehman

    Abdu Rrehman

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    Don’t throw foods 🥵

  98. Literally_Nøthing


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    This is literally dangerous

  99. EZIO


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    101 way to waste money

  100. Vancliff Augustind

    Vancliff Augustind

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    People watching him getting watermelon soda and plates "Oh wow watermelon party"