Why the new Citroen Ami is the EV city bubble car 14 year olds can drive // The Late Brake Show

Welcome to The Late Brake Show. The new Citroen Ami is an EV city bubble car that 14 year olds can drive, so long as you live in France. The Ami isn't truthfully classed as a car, but as a quadricycle restricted to 45kph (26mph), meaning in its home country you can be 14 or over and drive it legitimately on the road. These are known as 'sans permis' cars in and - putting it bluntly - are great fun city cars or the kind of vehicles certain people buy who may have been banned from driving. Yes, you could get prosecuted from driving and yet still drive one in France, because it isn't classed as a car.

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The new Ami fascinated Jonny because although it shares nothing with the classic Ami (made to sit in between the space age DS and 2CV between 1961 and 1979), this does distill so much of that basic, utilitarianism chic that Citroen is so good at. In this detailed review episode Jonny drives as fast as he can around what was the epicentre of the British car industry - Coventry.

The Ami is already on sale in France and a few European countries, although most people will rent it by the minute in cities, or lease one for as little as €30 per month. Buy one outright and they are €6000, which is half the price of a new Renault Twizy. Smarts are way more expensive, but way safer and more luxuriously appointed. The Twizy wins on range and agility, but the Ami is a more desirable cabin when the weather goes sour.

If you are in the UK and might be interested in buying an Ami, Citroen is gauging interest of potential customers by asking them to register here. If enough people are keen, the UK will probably seem available to lease or hire: info.citroen.co.uk/new-cars/c...

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Filmed by: Michael Rock-Perring (Insta @michaelrockperring)
Edited by: @Inksharkman - InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design matttarrantdesign.com

Jonny Smith aka CarPervert
Creative content maker, car presenter \u0026 car pervert for hire since '98
Website: www.carpervert.comInstagram: jonnycarpervert Twitter: carpervert

0:00 Intro
0:45 You don't have to be 17
1:00 Ami One Concept
2:08 Tech spec
2:30 Interior
4:58 Driving impressions
6:28 Battery specs
7:30 2CV DNA
7:52 Exterior walk around
8:02 Renault Twizy rival?
8:24 Twizy comparison
9:00 Coventry = Britain's Detroit
10:10 Front is identical to back!
10:42 Encourage younger people to enjoy driving?
11:30 Luggage space
12:55 The Ford Th!nk
14:14 Noel Edmunds Qpod
16:00 V-Max on ring road
16:56 Battery at rear
17:20 Identical door panels
17:50 Graffiti and Banksy Ami
18:27 Verdict
19:08 Subscribe


  1. Simon Crawshaw

    Simon Crawshaw

    7 maanden geleden

    Love the car but I have to also praise the well shot and edited video sequences. It looks casual and seamless thanks to professional attention to the details. Please keep the small and quirky vehicles of all types coming Jonny!

    • Richard Bloemenkamp

      Richard Bloemenkamp

      8 dagen geleden

      Ciroen Ami EV: 7000 Euro, Chinese Chang Li EV with similar specs: 1000 Euro. I'd say if you want something like this then it's much cheaper import is from China or India. BTW the Chinese and Indian ''cars'' are also better repairable with a little less plastic and better accessability of the parts.

    • Gogo Mogo

      Gogo Mogo

      Maand geleden

      "You will OWN NOTHING..." by Klaus Schwab.

    • Serious Maran

      Serious Maran

      4 maanden geleden

      @Electronic whiz mwahahaha, teddy gets tied to the bumper, with chain...

    • Electronic whiz

      Electronic whiz

      4 maanden geleden

      No way there is no space for Teddy

    • Serious Maran

      Serious Maran

      4 maanden geleden

      @Paxton Darwin so you are admitting you broke the law using hacking?



    9 uur geleden

    If hit by another car what are the chances of survival... Now that's the question everyone needs to look into before jumping into one of these. Would love to see a crash dummy safely test. 🤔



      9 uur geleden

      Just to be on the safe side.

  3. Zach


    14 uur geleden

    Has johnny left fully charged ?

  4. chinablue who

    chinablue who

    Dag geleden

    I down voted your video for mentioning Hitler , i down vote any video that mentions Hitler or the nazi and I encourage NLid to demoneytize any video that mentions these two things and for everyone in joining me in downvoting hitler/nazi videos.

  5. Patrik Lehto

    Patrik Lehto

    2 dagen geleden

    Hmm! This and Samecolour

  6. Sorozatok Filmek

    Sorozatok Filmek

    3 dagen geleden

    It does not worth 6000, reaaly at max 4500.

  7. Simon


    3 dagen geleden

    Just walk..

  8. xXBam BamXx

    xXBam BamXx

    3 dagen geleden

    But that's not a driving experience though 🤦 That's only transportation, nothing more, just less 😄

  9. Nyctophora


    4 dagen geleden

    I can't drive a cae or ride a bike but I think I could drive this! What a fantastic idea.

  10. Teflon Pan

    Teflon Pan

    5 dagen geleden

    The problem is people are gonna smoke in those, throw up, leave their stank crap all over the cabin, spit, etc. etc. And the next user is not going to be interested in riding in one of these.

  11. BURUNDI 24

    BURUNDI 24

    5 dagen geleden

    So I got French history and car presentation all at once.

  12. matthew mann

    matthew mann

    9 dagen geleden

    Age, maturity, height, weight, widths, or and lengths help yeah

  13. Develen Tsai

    Develen Tsai

    9 dagen geleden

    Only 70KM this is just dumb

  14. footscorn


    13 dagen geleden

    Just wouldn't cut the mustard in the outback.

  15. Crazy Weird Wonderful

    Crazy Weird Wonderful

    14 dagen geleden

    Its crazy that 14 year olds could be on the road in one of these, as long as you’re In France.

  16. annelle gigantoca

    annelle gigantoca

    17 dagen geleden

    Can drive without license?

  17. Christipher Meadows

    Christipher Meadows

    17 dagen geleden

    What a ugly thing...one step up from catching the bus

  18. Anthony Locke

    Anthony Locke

    19 dagen geleden

    Mobility car !

  19. Anthony Locke

    Anthony Locke

    19 dagen geleden

    That is one butt ugly looking car,,, Citreon have never produced a good looking car!

  20. Umberto Van Staden

    Umberto Van Staden

    20 dagen geleden

    I can only describe this thing as interesting

  21. Roger Thomas

    Roger Thomas

    20 dagen geleden

    Belongs to Alibaba stock .

  22. fadzlen kadir

    fadzlen kadir

    21 dag geleden

    Modern day isetta

  23. barsixful


    21 dag geleden

    Looks cute. But I value my life

  24. Adriana Adnan

    Adriana Adnan

    22 dagen geleden

    There was a car like this malaysia like a decade ago.. the country trash it and made fun of it. They stopped production, it was labelled the washing machine eventhough it wasnt. this is why you to intorduce prototype prior to building to scale.

  25. Adriana Adnan

    Adriana Adnan

    22 dagen geleden

    Please please please no washing machines on roads... please..🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

  26. Parson K

    Parson K

    22 dagen geleden

    This "car" has the same specs as my ebike.

  27. uniqbuy


    22 dagen geleden

    Needs to have a higher max speed at least 50mph for dual carriageways

  28. Ignotas


    22 dagen geleden

    42 kmh top speed is just disgusting.... what's this car gonna do on a road stretch that's 70kmh? block everyone? Even on normal 50kmh city limit, this car will go below it, slowing everyone down... people in normal cars will really hate to see one of these, and in turn the car sharing fleets will not want to have them. It's an astonishingly stupid decision on citroen.

  29. Ham ster

    Ham ster

    23 dagen geleden

    What's the payload? This seems nice

  30. Joel Crow

    Joel Crow

    23 dagen geleden

    A few years ago in DC we had Car2Go that was a car use service with SmartCars and a couple GLA class that you could hire and park anywhere in the city. It was great, until you got one that the kids had smoked a bunch of nasty skunk weed in. But otherwise it was ace!

  31. Eduardo Baldin

    Eduardo Baldin

    23 dagen geleden

    Carrinho de COMUNISTAs globalistas. Aquecimento global é mais uma mentira!

  32. Drive by ok

    Drive by ok

    23 dagen geleden


  33. Luke P

    Luke P

    24 dagen geleden

    I should hate this car as I hate this move away from personal property but this car is amazing!! I want one!

  34. Deepak Sharma

    Deepak Sharma

    24 dagen geleden

    In India we have a car called tata nano which is less than 1500 euros

  35. OneMedia House

    OneMedia House

    26 dagen geleden

    I saw this on Friday 25/6/21 in Coventry then I found it on NLid two days later. I love this.

  36. Neoshenlong


    26 dagen geleden

    I dunno if the "people won't own their own vehicles" thing holds up well against Covid19, you know? We live in a world where you have to be careful when choosing who you share spaces with, so a lot of people might be motivated to own their own car. Of course it depends on how well we return to the precovid world in the following years.

  37. Neoshenlong


    26 dagen geleden

    Not a fan of this type of vehicle but I gotta agree that every car should have phone docks instead of expensive computers and systems. Heck, just put on a screen so that you can see more info or make your phone bigger or whatever, let phones handle computing and apps. At least make that an option so that, if you want, you can save a bit of money when you get a car without that, or if you're fancy just get one with the whole package.

  38. fabriglas


    28 dagen geleden

    looks ok but would need to be able to do 60 in some cities! otherwise you get done for being slow!

  39. jordi subirats

    jordi subirats

    28 dagen geleden

    Now it seems that disinfection its another TOP FEATURE ... Oh nooo!!! :) Next car I buy it needs to be VIRUS-PROOF ... SURREALIST but sooo REAL

    • jordi subirats

      jordi subirats

      28 dagen geleden

      jajajaj I suppose that the shelfs are for big-pharma to put your pills on jajajja

  40. françois Charpentier

    françois Charpentier

    28 dagen geleden

    Not for me, I'd rather walk! piece of shit.

  41. Lin Mal

    Lin Mal

    29 dagen geleden

    The profit margins for Citroen on this thing would be razor thin or non-existent! Citroen should make an aerodynamic four seater version of this with a dual motor Twizzy drive-train, double the battery (say 20kwh) and DC fast charging! They would probably sell like hotcakes GLOBALLY! I think Tesla will probably beat them to market though with their Model 2! www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/all-new-tesla-model-2-set-for-australia-128491/ & New Tesla Model 2 = Game OVER for Gas - nlid.info/cloud/oaSDm5-qg7B9mNs/video.html

  42. Lin Mal

    Lin Mal

    29 dagen geleden

    It should have had a switchable/passover yoke/steering wheel!

  43. John Hicks

    John Hicks

    29 dagen geleden

    I wish this was a thing available in America

  44. Nick N

    Nick N

    Maand geleden

    I had a Citroen 2CV Dolly - one of my all time favourite cars 💖 I like the look of the Ami 💕

  45. David Em

    David Em

    Maand geleden

    Citroen Ami is the same width as the original Mini. If Ami was 60cm longer, it could have back-row seats.

  46. Nigel Tabb

    Nigel Tabb

    Maand geleden

    The slower the better The French are regarded as the 2nd worst drivers in Europe (after the Portugese)

  47. Vhsss Tv

    Vhsss Tv

    Maand geleden

    Imagine it could go 70 miles an hour & had a 100 mile range ... And a 9k price tag. Perfect for teens at college , 250£ per month , 90£ insurance, 40£ on phone bill, 20£ to spend every month. On a 400£ part time job :)

  48. Blood Dragon

    Blood Dragon

    Maand geleden

    I love it but sadly Quadracycles are illegal here in Australia not to mention our Federal Goverment has a raging hard on for Fossil Fuels

  49. Joseph White

    Joseph White

    Maand geleden

    Britain's detroit? Because it a massive shithole

  50. Jaeger Bro

    Jaeger Bro

    Maand geleden

    Bro who said we don't want cars? They're just so expensive to own and drive...

  51. Alun Hoskins

    Alun Hoskins

    Maand geleden

    Pure genius. The best indication of a great future, in so many ways; and only Citroën could do it. Bravo.

  52. chesshooligan 1

    chesshooligan 1

    Maand geleden

    I like the fact that it hasn't got a big, unnecessary chunk of plastic between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. That gives you a lot more leg room if you just want to chill in the car for a bit. I also like the fact that it has physical buttons. Range needs improving, though.

  53. ebrahim ebrahimi

    ebrahim ebrahimi

    Maand geleden

    it's too expensive man

  54. Adrian Osler

    Adrian Osler

    Maand geleden

    Y? What actual use is it?

  55. Diamond Montpellier

    Diamond Montpellier

    Maand geleden

    This is the future guys, whether you like it or not! Cars have long been inefficient, why would you drive something that seats 4 all alone most of the time with a speed limit that is barely the third of the car's top speed capability? The AMI is the beginning of the end for the regular car you see.

  56. Malachi Miranda

    Malachi Miranda

    Maand geleden

    Is that the front or back ?

  57. Annie Holt

    Annie Holt

    Maand geleden

    i soo need one of those

  58. skaruts


    Maand geleden

    It's ugly af though...

  59. Wicked Mouse

    Wicked Mouse

    Maand geleden

    Basically a fancy Biro!

  60. Duane Locsin

    Duane Locsin

    Maand geleden

    I want to OWN one, not pay services. Just like movies, music, tv and games I own the content either though physical discs or local digital (DRM free) as opposed to accumulating subscription services and indefinite monthly payments.

  61. Lajos Fidy

    Lajos Fidy

    Maand geleden

    Great concept, but with a fatal flaw. 40kph is not suitable for urban driving. If it could do 70 kph it would be perfect. Noone is going to buy a car (i know, i know, its not a car) with 40kph top speed. Also, not being a car is going to bring up issues everywhere, like for example having an EV (green, where I live) licence plate, that allows EVs to park for free....

  62. David Hughes

    David Hughes

    Maand geleden

    What a godawful ugly duckling. Ludicrous.

  63. H.B. Kiran

    H.B. Kiran

    Maand geleden

    If they really lease it for 30 euro per month I am in!



    Maand geleden

    never see hear-America most power- FOOL country onda planet-= do mototec fat tire scooter

  65. lloupez l

    lloupez l

    Maand geleden

    This is a car for people that hate cars and can't wait to get rid of the "burden." No, thanks.

  66. lloupez l

    lloupez l

    Maand geleden

    Hey 14 years olds are capable of a lot including hacking an iPhone.

  67. Rexyoda


    Maand geleden

    This guy obviously haven't seen electric unicycles yet

  68. Orangeytrain88


    Maand geleden

    I hope this properly comes to the US, not just in a subscription service, would really help us Rural teens

  69. Rafael Alves

    Rafael Alves

    Maand geleden

    My dream car would be the smallest car possible (like that), with 4 passengers sit, 80kph (50mph) would be a good top speed and at least autonomy to 200km. A car that serves the purpose to transport people to places without carrying about been powerful, fast or large.

  70. Louis van Rijn

    Louis van Rijn

    Maand geleden

    4251 Comment. How many sold yet? Price incl. tax?

  71. Manu Maniac

    Manu Maniac

    Maand geleden

    Twizzy 2.0

  72. felix conde

    felix conde

    Maand geleden

    Is not that we don't want to have a car, the problem is we can't afford them xd

  73. AirWolf2301


    Maand geleden

    I want a big powerful car like a mustang but I live in a big city... why not both, this seems wonderful to go to work and back!



    Maand geleden

    How can I get one in the uk, because none of the dealer's have them in.

  75. Antonio Polastri

    Antonio Polastri

    Maand geleden

    This car design remind me the tartan Prancer but I have to admit that It has a great potential but the design ......

  76. Ragnar-Thor


    Maand geleden

    love that car? My blue Geo Metro is dwarfed beside the typical 4x4 trucks in town, but fuel efficiency means something to some of us. Love those door windows and the utilitarian use of the Ami.

  77. Mike J Franklin

    Mike J Franklin

    Maand geleden

    'Cool concrete in Coventry', Love it! Cool video too, very well produced, great camera work.

  78. Bruce Whitham

    Bruce Whitham

    Maand geleden

    Thanks, Johnny. This is really the most interesting car review I have seen for a long long time.

  79. Iain


    Maand geleden

    Almost the same power as a kettle lol

  80. D Man

    D Man

    Maand geleden

    It's funny when you see 80's futuristic movies depicting futuristic cars that fly and look cool aaaand here's reality. Toy cars flat out reaching 100km range that need to be charged every day

  81. Mr B

    Mr B

    Maand geleden

    What’s the Crash Test data on this little plastic tub???

    • Mr B

      Mr B

      Maand geleden

      @The Late Brake Show That’s daft then! I wonder how sales will go after seeing the first one squashed like an empty margarine tub??

    • The Late Brake Show

      The Late Brake Show

      Maand geleden

      Doesn't need any, as not classed as a car.

  82. Chuck Otto

    Chuck Otto

    Maand geleden


  83. Austin Edwards

    Austin Edwards

    Maand geleden

    I think this is car for the day by day hire for use in urbanised cities we should really jump on this in London, Manchester, liverpool need I see more. I think I will go and see my bank manager and city mayors. It's a business opportunity.

  84. T Tulley

    T Tulley

    Maand geleden

    I would drive it. Too bad we won't get them here in the U.S.

  85. VideoMentary Productions Channel

    VideoMentary Productions Channel

    Maand geleden

    That was a great review, I like the way you review, cars etc, your not insulting about the the the cars you review, you give Merritt's where there due, and just enjoy what you do, if I was a manufacturer, you are the guy I would want to show off and review my car, not like so called car reviewers I could mention, thanks for a great video

  86. mimid be

    mimid be

    Maand geleden

    A Mod for ami citroen : nlid.info/cloud/moCOiXaMgoVso9c/video.html

  87. july9695


    Maand geleden

    " I have got a girl smoking and laughing at me "

  88. Bkkbound


    Maand geleden


  89. Bkkbound


    Maand geleden

    If it is sold in U.K… I,m buying it

  90. Steve Speak

    Steve Speak

    Maand geleden

    Fourteen year olds driving very slowly at rush hour, is the last thing the world needs

  91. David Sturmer

    David Sturmer

    Maand geleden

    Sounds like you will own nothing except your controlling devise, once a phone. Awful idea, they don't want you traveling like before. F the reset and all the fools pushing this.

  92. Tony Wright

    Tony Wright

    Maand geleden

    HaHaHaH agh was it designed by the blind institute ?

  93. Lee B

    Lee B

    Maand geleden

    If you think about Londons average road speed is 15 to 20 mph . Its a good city run around but needs slightly more range.

  94. Collin


    Maand geleden

    The problem with electric cars is they are reliant on external charging points if they can make the batteries easily removable and carried on a special trolley to your home where you can charge the batteries at your leisure it will make electric cars like this so much more practical

  95. Peter Hicks

    Peter Hicks

    Maand geleden

    How much do these guys get paid for selling such obvious crap do they get their salary & expenses working for a charity ?

  96. Kirk Oglesby

    Kirk Oglesby

    2 maanden geleden

    If they were available in the States I'd buy one. That won't happen but, hey.

  97. An McCLO

    An McCLO

    2 maanden geleden

    sad big save on space good model Ami

  98. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith

    2 maanden geleden

    Great stuff. I need to move to the UK.

  99. Matthew J Ruys

    Matthew J Ruys

    2 maanden geleden

    I want one

  100. Homer Alaska Life

    Homer Alaska Life

    2 maanden geleden

    I like it