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    Hi I really love u

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    I didnt want it to end,feels like I know them too well already,thank you for this video.

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    This guys are so sweet, I hope they continue much success and stay grounded.

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    i'm a recent fan and i really appreciate this video 💜

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    Dynamite was actually the first song of BTS I listened to, loved it so much I learned all the words without knowing barely anything about BTS😅 I’ve just recently became a bigger fan (Ik Ik I’m late sry😭) and this video really helped a lot! Ofc I’m still gonna need some time to get everything straight in my head, but hopefully I’ll have most of this memorized and I can call myself part of the ARMY! 🤩Tysm for this vid, and I can’t wait to become an EVEN BIGGER fan of The Bangtan Boys! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    0:52 Kim Namjoon, RM 4:22 Kim Seokjin, Jin 7:41 Min Yoongi, Suga 10:47 Jung Hoseok, J-Hope 13:51 Park Jimin 17:50 Kim Taehyung, V 20:54 Jeon, Jungkook

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    what was the first song

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    Love all of them so sweet and smart❤

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    namjoon just makes me want to cry.. he's an amazing leader

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    They're awesome



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    I need to show this to my mother

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    Awesome video! Beautiful boys, each unique and so talented in their own way. I'm a relatively new fan.....but they are such a special group!

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    They are all amazing🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    I love the way they support each other...

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    A lovely way to meet BTS. THANK YOU. 🙏🏼💙

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    On the posters, videos, stage they look soo awesome you wouldn't have known they are actually ordinary people each with their stories and struggles. 그래서 today I have become their fan. I will be rooting for you guys ♡♡

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    Loved this video, I'm new to BTS and getting this intro makes the music experience so must better. Thank you so much for making this ❤️❤️❤️

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    I feel bad for Jimin. Trying to be a manly man when you're more soft and affectionate. He looks so much like himself with the white hair and him having fun with his friends. Proud to call myself part of ARMY. Love watching the behind the scene of BTS as they always look like they're joking around with eachother and literally having a good time while making music. I hope they stay around for a long time!

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    Unique group and they have a good vibe ,keep up the good wrk

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    This introduction just made me more of a fan. They are a talented and cohesive group of performers. I love it.

    • Jenna


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      You should also check out their intro of their struggle from coming from nothing to legends. It was made a couple years ago when the first Billboard performance was a big deal for them, even though they accomplished so much more now. That video shows their true appreciation of their Army and why they are so humble. I became Army in 2017, I hope to see them live one day

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    Love them from bottom of our heart😘 just wanna meet them in future years So be ready for that dear 😘💑💜

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    i’ve literally been a fan of bts for six years now and IM STILL SOBBING WHEN I WATCH THESE VIDEOS WKNSKSKSN istg they truly are people i respect so much...

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    From the bottom of my heart I love you guys ......never feel low coz you are higher than many ...keep your brotherhood till the end ..may the good Lord give you peace

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      Singularity, it's the intro song in the album LY: Tear

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    Kim Namjoon in the introduction "I will proove it to you all" gave me chills cause he actually did.

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    what does "created" mean??

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    Now I'm crying I just want to hug him

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    Wow I’m a new fan and I’m literally sitting here about to cry, this was absolutely beautiful, these guys are so amazing and down to earth.

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    Thanks so much for this information. Have sent friends here to understand better.

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    Wow! I didn't know almost nothing bout' them, I just love some of their songs, but with this video i just got in love with them. Officially a fan 💜

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    not me crying over nanjoon speech 😭 i liked one or two music of them but i want to be in the army now 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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    This was such a deep video. They all have so much talent. They all are so deeply amazing. I cried watching this video.

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    Jin:* hitting that high note* Yoongi:👁️👄👁️

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    Great Job on this video!

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    But 1st, CONGRATS W UR 1ST NLid VIDEO!!!

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    How can anyone say Jin doesn’t contribute after watching this??? He’s amazing!! We all need a Jin in our lives 😻😻

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    Still trying to match the correct name to the correct face, but the more info I come across BTS, the more fascinating they become. A unusual blend of boyishness with unique attributes as artists. Pure pleasure to watch

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      I am getting there.

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      Hey someone on the same boat as me!

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    tell me rm,s age pls

    • Lulu Kim

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      He's 26 Years Old, (Born September 12,1994).

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    5:13 12:42 16:17 Can someone tell me the names of these songs? Pls?

    • Rita Gladious

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      @lunabel thank you 😊 I'm actually new to this fandom I loved those songs that's why I asked Thank you again...

    • lunabel


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      5:13 Crystal Snow (an original japanese song released in 2017! bts and in fact many korean artists release japanese tracks once in a while in order to reach into the japanese market, so don’t be shocked if you find japanese versions of their songs! in fact they have many other wonderful original japanese songs as well :)) 12:42 UGH! (a rapline track from MAP OF THE SOUL:7) 16:17 Let Me Know (aaaa i personally love this track a lot! it’s from their 2014 album Dark & Wild!!)

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    Very well done. My daughter has been a fan for years & gotten me into it. Just fun, energetic. I admit, I'd love to see choreography of the dances to learn myself. It looks like fun.

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    Wow good stuff, really

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    wait why did Jungkook collapse?

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    This felt like an intro to a show as well as a documentary. I loved it and it brought me to tears to see the member’s relationship and the hardships they encountered individually and as a group. Thank you for posting this!! It just reminded me how much I love BTS and how much they support ARMY with our insecurities and hardships. Keep posting great content😭💗

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    Woowwwww man! seriously......i was wondering for so long for a good intro of bts and this actually fit sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well.......i love it tooo much.....its actually a arrow shooted towards heart toooo army and always wish too know them more nd more nd it helps alot...................#bts#army#intro

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    Our global and worldwide sensation BTS will continue to make history and I am very proud of them!

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    Dios 100 vídeo de 100

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    love it

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    any questions related to bts ask me i am an experinced army

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      I wanted to ask why bts was formed

    • prativa kumari

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    I'm 43 and I am a proud ARMY. BTS songs help me soothing my tired mind each day and power up my mood whenever I need one. Their bond as brothers warms my heart and their action, behaviour and attitude as humans inspire me a lot. And their song lyrics and dancing never stop to amaze me. Thank you for uploading this video❤️

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    Nice to see they are more than a pretty face and have lives outside of the group. Smart and cool

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    This was very well done

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    I said to myself if this video shows Jungkook singing euphoria @ Wembly... If it shows Suga in full Korean regalia rapping Daechwita... If it shows V slowly and languorously opening his eyes at the beginning of Singularity... Then they really understand some basic things about BTS. And you checked all the boxes! Great video.

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    Fr now, I'm really confused about my feelings. On the one hand, I'm truly happy for them, to live their dreams. On the other hand..... I'm jealous...... Their not really older than me and be so successful..... That's impressive. I guess, I have to do my best, to find something I can do really good...... ^^

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    Nice! I'm a new fan, and this helps so much ❤️ I appreciate you!

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    Just when I thought I couldn’t love them more. Thank you so much for this.

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  72. Magical Slut

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    I love alllll 7 of them so much but I could say my favorites are jimin suga

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    Thank you so much for this precious video....💜

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    Wow! Oh wow!! Theses guys are very gifted and very talented in their own special unique way as individuals and have contributed to the group BTS with what they have to offer to make it a success. Thank you to each and every one of you guys individually for your great performances. Keep up the good work and continue the teamwork. 👍👍

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    They all are really hard workings. That's why they are the best band that i have ever seen in my life they are my favorites. Army 💟

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    ARMY let's start recommending this for reactors since it's more updated than the other one😃

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    I wasn't planning to watch all the video since I knew all these about them but I really enjoy listening their stories over again and it makes feel encouraged I'm happy for them and they really deserve all the achievements the did until today BTS fighting forever .....

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    Never seen anything like these young men. Totally brilliant and amazing!

  79. Valorie Bauer

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    I heard about BTS from my great-grandchildren... I came across your videos while surfing you-tube. When I first heard about you my opinion of you was not the greatest, only because of your looks and not understanding what your singing about, (I'm English speaking). After watching an hour of your documentaries, I've changed my mind about BTS from 0% to 200%. Your compassion and love for others and in your work and how much you put into yourselves has touched my soul, as well as others. I just want to encourage all of you, boys to keep faith in what you are doing, what you stand for, and what you believe in. You will still struggle, but all of you have each other to make it through and succeed in your dreams and your army to back you up. <3 <3 <3

  80. chaerryv


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    "please use me. please use bts to love yourself." this one line always gets me in tears </3

    • aurora de leon

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      I noticed my niece how she loves BTS. Now i know why